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How to Write a Good Scholarship Essay

Leaving a school and preparing for college is an important period in every young person’s life. Teachers advise to start preparing for this before it’s too late, since the requirements may be tough, besides, a large amount of documents may be needed, and a scholarship essay is among them. Some students seek financial aid from their parents; others prefer paying themselves combining work and studies. However, fee free study is possible for one who wins a scholarship. Almost all scholarship competitions require an essay, and the topics vary. One of the most frequent is “Why I deserve the scholarship”, which aims to tell what kind of person the candidate is and what the crucial difference is between him and other candidates.

Basically, a good essay is a key to free studies, so one should pay great deal of attention to it. So here are the main steps to follow to complete a successful scholarship essay:

  1. Make a research. Try to gather as much information as possible as to different kinds of scholarships and their requirements. Interview the students who already got them and ask how they wrote their essays.
  2. Concentrate. Try to imagine that you’re the member of the award committee and it’s up to you to decide who gets the scholarship. What would you like to see in the winning essay? How would you like it to be? What could impress you?
  3. The objective of a good scholarship essay is to make an impression. On hearing this, many students resort to lying about their achievements and reasons they want to get a scholarship. But the lie is easy to reveal, so the main rule is to be sincere. What if you don’t have a lot to tell? Remember: it’s important HOW you tell something, not WHAT you tell. So, if you volunteered in medical centers or took part in charity events, mention it, but don’t forget to give details and describe obstacles you had to face and overcome eventually. Describe the situation that changed your life or your outlook, the one that influenced your decision to solicit a scholarship. Make sure to be persuasive and confident. And good luck!

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