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How to Write a Critique Essay Paper

A critique is an assessment of any literary or creative work, like a book or a play or a poem or even a movie. It need not necessarily mean a negative review or a critical evaluation of the subject. On the other hand it is an analysis of a particular piece of work with insights into its high points and interpretations of segments of interest. The story line, its meaning and the purpose behind it are all discussed. So the question is how to write a critique essay paper? What goes into it? You can go through the whole bother yourself or turn to ProfEssays.com for help and solution. Where you will need to spend hours going through the matter concerned, we will make it easy for you by delivering your research paper to your mail within the stipulated time.

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How to write a critique essay paper – this can be answered with a set of thumb rules and formats. Like with any other paper or essay there a re a few guidelines to be followed.

  1. You have to acquaint yourself thoroughly with the topic in question. Book critique requires careful reading bearing in mind your reactions to each character, the story and its power to hold your interest. Similarly if it’s a movie or play you are writing about every aspect of it has to be observed in detail.
  2. You have to prepare an outline for the essay paper. This involves short notes on the introduction, the main body of the topic and the conclusion.
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  3. Write the introduction now stressing on the topic and what you intend to discuss. This part has to be attractive so as to hold the interest of the reader.
  4. The main body of your essay will require you to go in depth into analysis and interpretation of the book or movie and whether it has succeeded in its purpose. You have to remember that this is your appraisal and try to be as unprejudiced and objective as possible.
  5. Conclude the paper with your summary of the main points. Remember it should wrap up the paper.

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