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Homelessness in the United States Essay: the Truth, the Bad, and the Ugly

The United States of America has always been pictured as a super power. As a dominant country in today’s era, many people view America as a highly progressive country who can provide endless opportunities to its citizens. The USA has been known to be a place of refuge for many oppressed. Many outsiders believe that it is a country that is home for a greener pasture. This idea is mostly true as it is comparatively progressive than its counterparts. However, homelessness in the US has always been a major concern of the government. The irony of the situation lies on the ability of a super power to influence world decisions, and yet seemingly incapable of addressing relatively minor issues on its own land. It is an admissible fact that homelessness is a world wide phenomenon. Hence, castigating the USA on such an international occurrence may seem unfair.  However, as a country who attempts to achieve high international influence – the USA remains to be at the spotlight. If you are writing a homelessness in the United States essay, then you have come to the right place as ProfEssays.com is here to assist you. In our site, you will find a bunch of useful articles on how you can write about any topic that you will require. You will get tips on everything that is related to academic paper writing, be it conceptualizing essay topics, creating an essay outline, researching, using the correct essay format, essay writing, editing and even creating the final draft.
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In any academic paper, research provides a vital role. This is also true with your essay on socio-political issues such as homelessness. Today, the internet is the prime source of information even when academics are involved. However, the internet has not yet established a reliable reputation when universities, professors and the academe are concerned. As such, careful inspection on the data that you have gathered must be done if you still choose to use the internet as a source for your homelessness in the United States essay. ProfEssays.com, the most reliable source of custom essays, provides you with a list of reliable information. These are the statistics on homelessness in the country. Browse through the outline that we have provided, and you just might get inspired by one of the information enlisted below. The outline below is lifted from the 2008 US Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress.

  • 1.6 million people were reported to have stayed in emergency shelters in the US
  • People aged 31 to 50 years take 40.3% of the homeless population
  • Prior to their stay in the emergency shelter, 12.9% of them were residing in a place that was not meant for humans.
  • 26.4 % of them stays in the shelter for one year or longer.

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