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High School Essay Writing Help

What are the Requirements for a High School Essay?

High school students are required to write essays on a variety of topics which at first may seem to have nothing in common. In actuality although the topics may differ, most high school essays have the same criteria. All essays will have a specific topic that is either one you choose or one that is provided for you. It is crucial for every essay that you follow the instructions given which include sticking to a word limit if given, answering the essay question, and completing the essay by the deadline. In addition a high school essay requires that you follow the appropriate essay structure and learn to properly reference your sources.



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High School Essay Topics

High School Essay It is crucial that you identify the type of essay required to help you properly select and further define your topic. Look for clues in the essay question to determine if the essay approach should compare and contrast different concepts, or be persuasive, argumentative, or narrative in nature.

If you are given a choice of topics, brainstorm ideas and then choose a topic that you are interested in or have knowledge about so that your enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject matter shines through in your essay.

It’s a common mistake with high school students, that they pick up very broad topics. Thus, their essays lack clear central idea, and the connection between body paragraphs is very weak. To avoid this, try to narrow your essay topic to some particular point. Write on something like “Irish political structure” instead of the broader topic of “Irish politics” so that you can focus and write in more depth on one area.


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High School Essay Structure

Essay Structure (click to enlarge)

Essay StructureHigh school essays are structured very similarly regardless of the topic and good essay structure will help you to write a clear essay that flows from one paragraph to the next.

– All essays should begin with an introduction that grabs the reader and entices them to read further. An introduction should end with thesis statement – a sentence that will reveal your main point.

– The body of your essay should consist of several paragraphs each of which addresses a separate point supported by anecdotes, specific examples, quotations or other evidence. Limit each paragraph to one main idea.

– Each paragraph should have transition into the next one, so that reader can follow your line argument.

– The conclusion of the essay consists of a paragraph that restates your thesis, summarizes your stand on the issue and leaves the reader with a memorable impression. Don’t quote your sources or add new points while writing a conclusion!


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High School Essay Format

The Chicago and MLA styles are most commonly used for high school essays and there are style guides that provide specific guidelines for how to reference your sources both within your essay and for the works cited page.

The following formatting tips also apply:

  • Use a 12 point font size
  • Double space the entire document.


  • For both of the styles the title page is not required. All you need to do is type your name, the instructor’s name, course number and date in the top left corner of the first page.


  • Center the title of the research paper in quotation marks or all capital letters.


  • All pages should be numbered consecutively in the upper right hand corner


  • If an essay is several pages long, it’s also advisable to include your last name next to the page number in the header (i.e. Last Name 1)


  • Each style has its requirements as to the format of references. Chicago style requires the use of footnotes, that’s why you can do without reference list. The MLA style allows both the use of footnotes and in-text references. Remember, that if you prefer to have in-text references, a “Works cited” page is a must. Read more to find detailed guidelines for the use of Chicago and MLA styles.



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What Can Influence your High School Essay Grade?

The things that influence your high school essay grade in addition to the quality of your writing have a great deal to do with following instructions provided by your professor:

– First and foremost it’s crucial to make sure that you understand the essay question fully and that your essay answers each portion of the question adequately.

– It’s important to meet any due dates that are imposed and to adhere to any word count limits given.

– Using reliable sources for research is crucial. Meeting all formatting guidelines can boost your grade so provide an outline, title page, and separate bibliography page if required.


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