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HBO Family Essay

The Right Mix for an Entertaining HBO Family Essay

Entertainment is a very big industry. Today, people from all walks of life – regardless of age, gender or nationality – are living targets of many companies who are operating for the purpose of entertainment. Though entertainment is a general concept that is familiar to the majority of the population, the pressure on many business owners become responsible remains. One of the most lucrative target markets in this industry is the family. With a combination of the buying power of a parent and the ease of persuasion on children, many business entities operate their company surrounding this niche. One of the more known companies serving this purpose is the HBO family. HBO family is a channel who has created a television program schedule that will fit the family. Television shows that are lined up in early in the morning are for children while more mature films are shown at the wee hours of the morning. This channel does not only show movies, but they also have home grown programs. To help you write your HBO family essay, ProfEssays.com provides you with a list of programs that this channel provides.

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ProfEssays.com is a company that can provide you with any type of essay that you need. We are not mere experts on essay, as we can compose any academic paper that you may require – be it custom essay, research paper, term paper, dissertation, thesis or course work. To initially help you with your essay on HBO family, we have provided below a list of their programs, which can be very well your basis for an essay topic.

  1. A little curious
    • This is a program that is targeted for pre-school children. They aim to teach children with three concepts on each episode, using animation. The characters of this program include a door, pad, pencil, string and mop.
  2. Goodnight moon and other sleepy time tales
    • This program is based on the book for children with the same title
  3. Animated tales of the world
    • This thirty minute program provides children an HBO version of stories and folk tales from different countries all over the world.
  4. Harold and the purple crayon
    • This animated program is about a four year old child and his purple crayon. His imagination leads him from one story to another which usually centers on his curiosity and interest towards exploration.
  5. Blindsided
    • This film is about an 11 year old child’s disease that caused him to become blind forever.
  6. I have Tourette’s but Tourette’s doesn’t have me
    • This 30 minute documentary is about children who are diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. Their struggles in an academe and the lack of academic attention and understanding on these children are the main concepts discussed in this program.
  7. Boy interrupted
    • This film’s main theme revolves around suicide of a 15 year old child. It is a true to life story that centers about a child who is obsessed with the concept of death. Directed and produced by the boy’s mother, this film is an outline of the family and the boy’s struggles.
  8. The music in me: a family special
    • This program features children from all over the world, including their love for music amidst cultural diversity.
  9. Classical Baby
    • This program aims to stimulate a baby’s imagination. In thirty minutes, the program includes segments that can provide very young children with an introduction on classical music and other related creative arts.
  10. Stuart little
    • With books and movie that bear the same title, this program is already a favorite for many families. It is about a mouse that is adopted by a human family. The mouse Stuart shows that his height is not a hindrance in achieving anything you want.
  11. Crash box
    • Targeted for children in the grade school level, this program provides its viewers with games on grammar, spelling, math, history and vocabulary.
  12. George and Martha
    • This program is based on children’s books and stars best friend hippos George and Martha.

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