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The wise and knowledgeable have always tried to lay a lot of emphasis on effective communication, be it your written or oration skills. Good communication holds a key to many, if not all the problems. In other words, even a simple communication gap can lead to a lot of misunderstanding and mistrust leading to exacerbation of the problem. This communication has a got a good deal to do with expression. It is generally seen that some people express themselves in a much better way than others and that is what makes them outshine others. Your choice of words, determines the competence of your writing.
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Nobody is born with the power of good expression; everybody learns and develops the art, according to his/ her needs & means. If you are not gifted with such ability, you need not lose heart or sit resigned to fate. Because even if you do not have your way with words, you can improve your expression a good deal by choosing your words carefully; keeping your expression clear and concise; making your expression real; appealing to the senses; telling the true picture.

Ideologies and the task of compiling such volatile themes into an essay sample form, has to be a tough nut to crack. Thus, Extremism essay brings with it its own challenges, with the fervor and dynamism attached to the term. Extremism is a term used to describe the actions or ideologies of individuals or groups outside the perceived political center of a society; or otherwise said to violate common moral standards. In democratic societies, individuals or groups that advocate the replacement of democracy with authoritarian regime are usually branded extremists, in authoritarian societies the opposite applies. Hence, it is an ideology that propagates change from the normal modus operandi through orthodox and revolutionary propaganda and means. Read more on the following topics: Jane Eyre essay writing, assessment essay writing and help with writing your AIDS essay papers.

The term is invariably, or almost invariably, used pejoratively. In complete contrast with moderation, extremism lies just at the other end, and similarly extremists with moderates. Just as in contemporary discussions in Western countries of Islam, or of Islamic political movements, it is common for there to be a heavy stress on the distinction between extremist and moderate Muslims. It is also not uncommon to necessarily define distinctions regarding extremist Christians as opposed to moderate Christians, as in countries such as the United States. Political agendas perceived as extremist often include those from the far left or far right as well as fundamentalism or, as a more general term, fanaticism.

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Some of the interesting themes that can add bucks to your Extremism essay:

  • Islamic Extremism and Militancy
  • Extremism in Sports
  • Extremism and Violence
  • Extremism and Insurgency
  • Extreme Programming
  • Extremism in Main Stream Politics
  • Vigilantism
  • Terrorism
  • False Consensus Effect
  • Consequentialism etc.

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You just need to remember, winners are not those who do different things but those who do things differently. It just requires a little effort of arranging your thoughts and putting them in order in words, and even a “not so good with words” person can manage. It is also very crucial to ask your instructor to brief you with the format to proceed in a harmonic fashion for the best results.

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