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Main Steps For Writing an Essay

Writing an essay may be exasperating for some because a lot of students are clueless on this type of assignment. Many fail to recognize that being a good essay writer can be accomplished by constant writing practice. ProfEssays.com shares the following essay writing steps that a novice essay writer should remember.

Most teachers give an essay topic and identify the type of essay to be used. In some cases, teachers also give essay questions, which are used as guidelines for the students. ProfEssays.com says that an essay writer should keep the following in mind the following essay writing steps:

  1. Research. The significance of research is very apparent in informative essays and process essays, as it provides for the very content of the essay. However, whether an essay is something personal like an opinion essay or a reflective essay, resources remain to be important. The amount of resources contributes to the credibility of your essay. Order Custom Essays
  2. Analyze. If you already have an adequate amount of resource materials, it is time for you to examine them. Identify which source should be included in your essay, and which you could do without. Determining this would require you to take a look into your essay topic and essay questions thoroughly. Also, this would be the time for you to determine what angle you are going to tackle, or what arguments you are going to discuss.
  3. Brainstorm. Think of your ideas that you would want to incorporate in your essay. Identify what ideas are the strongest, and make sure that you have enough resources to establish your ideas.
  4. Outline. An essay outline is the skeleton of your essay. If properly utilized, this tool can assist you in organizing your ideas in a logical way.
  5. Create a draft. Writing a draft should already include the basic essay structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. An essay introduction includes the thesis statement. The body includes the points and proof which will substantiate your thesis statement while the conclusion restates the thesis statement and imparts the strongest point you would want to leave your readers.
  6. Finalize and edit. Presentation is just as important as the content. Hence, polishing your essay by checking for mistakes on word choice, grammar or spelling is a must.

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