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Essay Sructure

Good Structure for Your Essays

There are several ways of writing an essay. The structure, most often than not, is dependent on the type of essay that the writer chooses. The essay structure of a synthesis essay is certainly different than that of a crucible essay. Furthermore, the tone of the essay can also affect the choice of structure. A writer who chooses a formal essay must present his ideas in a chronological way by strictly following the guidelines in essay writing, while someone who opts to use a casual tone in writing may have the choice to be less chronological in presenting his ideas. Regardless of the choice on tone and type of essay, it is suggested that a writer must follow the standard essay structure. This is to ensure that the writer presents the essay in a clear manner. ProfEssays.com came up with a few points to help you write an essay.

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A standard structure contains the introduction, body and conclusion. If you find yourself asking what makes an effective essay structure, ProfEssays.com provides a number of tips that you may keep in mind when writing a paper:

  • An introduction contains the thesis of the essay. The thesis is the main theme of the paper, where the writer states his topic. If the topic is broad, the writer may opt to break it down further. This will allow the writer to discuss each topic at a greater length.
  • The body of the essay discusses the topic in detail. If it is an opinion essay, the writer must provide proof to substantiate his opinions or claims. If the writer divided his thesis into sub-topics, he can have multiple paragraphs – dedicating one paragraph to each sub-topic.
  • The conclusion restates the thesis of the paper. In this part, the writer can also include the major supporting points that were discussed in the body. What the writer must keep in mind is that the contents of the conclusion should not be a repetition but a synopsis. So, he must carefully filter the details that will be included in the conclusion. Furthermore, the conclusion should be delivered with a firm tone since this is the final statement where the writer can impart the information that he wants to make his readers believe and remember.

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