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Essay on truth and courage

The most valued asset for a soldier is courage, and the most valued asset for a layman is truth. The two could be interchanged, and the layman could be given courage, and truth could be allotted to the soldier. Courage forms one of the virtues in the ideal city visualized by Plato. Truth has been an asset cherished by society. Truth is something that is always spoken with a lot of conviction and courage. It always takes a lot of courage to speak the truth because there are always situations when speaking the truth could prove to be detrimental to oneself. These are the situations that are to be brought out in an essay on  truth and courage, and you have certainly come to the right place for one. ProfEssays.com promises to dole out the highest quality of essays, term papers and research papers of all genres to its customers at the most reasonable prices in the world.


the abstract forms of truth and courage seem to be deeply connected with each other: it often takes a lot of courage to speak the truth. This is probably why truthfulness is one of the virtues one seeks in one’s leader: leaders are supposed to be bold and courageous. They are expected to be truthful and honest, simple and yet outstanding. All the characteristics of leaders and their accumulation in your favourite leader could be pointed out in a leadership essay. Essay writers at ProfEssays.com would take all care to highlight the qualities and instances of truth and courage in the life of your favourite leader in an essay on truth and courage customised to your requirements.


These leadership qualities are found in women and females as well as males. The point needs to be highlighted because we live in a male dominated society and world. Instances where women have displayed these qualities  could be highlighted in an essay on truth and courage. ProfEssays.com has always supported the cause of women and been a strong proponent of the feministic movement, so you could be sure of getting the most authentic account of these instances where women have displayed qualities of valour and veracity. They have not even fought battles and wars, but they have even held positions of political significance. A feminism research paper could bring out all such instances in a clear and lucid manner.


It does not take much for a person to tell a lie, but it certainly takes a lot of courage to speak the truth. Three could be an entire psychological study on the subject, the subject is so vast that you would certainly need the help of the experts at ProfEssays.com to pen a psychoanalysis term paper customised to the psychology of a person who resorts to telling lies. One often needs a lot of courage to tell a lie too, you could find a detailed analysis of all this in an essay on truth and courage.


Deliberations on truth and courage forced us to probe deeper into the philosophies of truth and courage. A detailed analysis of these truths lead to the discovery of several theories describing the phenomena. A detailed version of some of the theories of truth could be there in your essay on truth and courage. Some of them could be enumerated as

  • The Identity Theory of Truth
  • Coherence Theory of truth
  • Correspondence theory of truth
  • Coherence theory of truth
  • Constructivist theory of truth
  • Consensus theory of truth
  • Pragmatic theory of truth
  • Deflationary theory of truth
  • Performative theory of truth
  • Redundancy theory of truth
  • Pluralist theories of truth

There would be a detailed description of these theories in your essay on truth and courage. A philosophy term paper could be bought from any of our offices around the world to support the philosophies of truth. We further promises to give you an honest description of the exigencies associated with each of these theories in a customised essay. We promise to deliver all custom essays and research papers within eight hours of the placement of the order. Our staff works round the clock to ensure that you never miss a deadline when you choose ProfEssays.com to pen your essays and term papers.


The essence of truth and courage described in your essay on truth and courage would be marked with a difference typical to the differences we associate with our lives. All of us are born as cute babies but we evolve into different individuals as we grow up. Some people attempt to abort their babies, there are extensive debates on the issue. The pros and cons would be discussed in an abortion term paper. ProfEssays.com does its best to maintain an impartial stand when you want a discussion on any controversial issue




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