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Help with Writing an Essay on Smoking

Custom Written Essays on Smoking

The general phobia of the public, coupled by the die-hard habit of many smokers makes an essay on smoking a very controversial paper. Any controversy lends itself very well to the structure of a compare and contrast essay. Analytical essays would also be appropriate for weeding out the falsehoods from the truth. Whatever type of essay you wish to develop your essay on smoking in, you will need more than the general information you meet with on the internet to substantiate your opinion on the matter. In the matter of reliable sourcing, ProfEssays.com is unparalleled. They make use only of the most truthful sources taken from established real or internet libraries and book stores. The masterfulness of their style can be glimpsed by going through their article archives. A more complete extended anthology of literary materials will be difficult to come by.

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ProfEssays.com believes in traditional and their guiding dogma is “the client is always right’ because their services all go to making the client right. Accuracy of information, language and style, accuracy in meeting deadlines and accuracy in eliminating plagiarism, characterizes their performance. A long list of satisfied and returning clients should be an encouragement to trust in their competence, their scholarliness and their discretion.

Some suitable essay topics for an essay on smoking are given here as a gesture of concern from ProfEssays.com for improving literary standards:

  1. Does smoking really cause cancer? Cite medical proof for your argument.
  2. Write a concise history of smoking. Trace the roots of this practice. Explain the purpose of the ancients for indulging in smoking.
  3. Develop an essay on the effects that smoking pregnant mothers have on their unborn child. Based on your arguments, develop recommendations for smoking as far as expectant women are concerned.
  4. Explain why smoking can be more harmful to non-smokers than smokers.
  5. Compare and contrast the different methods used worldwide by countries to discourage people from smoking. Compare the effectiveness of each technique and suggest a method that synthesizes the effective features from each country.
  6. Discuss the adverse effects that nicotine can have on the human physiology. Support your claims with medical research statistics.

The range of topics that can be tackled in an essay on smoking, range from the very easy and familiar to the rather technical. Being a non-smoker may prove to be a handicap in writing this type of essay. If for whatever reason, you are unable to write a required essay on smoking, you can always avail yourself of the masterful custom essays writing services of ProfEssays.com. They organized themselves over there to cater to the need of scholars and professionals who need to easily translate their thoughts into writing.

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