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Essay on mathematics belong to a literary genre characterized as technical and impersonal and generally regarded as difficult and research intensive. Together with scientific essays, mathematical dissertations are built on an interpretation of established or proven facts. The difference between the two is the type of logic used to correlate the points of proof. Essays on mathematics make use of deductive reasoning to work out the mathematical thesis or theorem being developed while scientific writing relies on the inductive organization of data to prove its premised statement.

Mathematical essays prove their central statement by deriving it from axioms or facts that are accepted as fundamentally true and statements derived from these axioms. These derived statements need to be constructed from basic units (primitives) in a prescribed format, called the rules of formulation. The process by which they are derived has to conform to the rules of derivation or inference. The fact that a properly formulated statement can be deduced following these rules is taken as proof that it is true. As a writer of these essays you need to be absolutely familiar and comfortable with the usage of axioms, primitives, the rules of formation and the rules of inference that are used for arriving at the proof of mathematical theorems.

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Besides a firm understanding of the essay topic, the following suggestions will be helpful for the success of your dissertation:

  1. Reflect carefully on the theorem(s) that you wish to prove in your work.
  2. Write down the axioms and derived statements that you will need to prove your thesis.
  3. Using three or more different sets of axioms and statements to arrive at your conclusion to make its validity even stronger.
  4. Construct an outline essay to help yourself organize your ideas in a clear and deductive manner.
  5. Check the calculations of your mathematical essay for internal syntactical errors or inferences that do not conform to the rules of derivation. Since your arguments will be proceeding deductively, one false statement will serve to invalidate everything that follows.
  6. Keep in mind the kind of audience you have. An audience of professional mathematicians will need to be impressed by a more detailed exposition of your theorem.
  7. Give credit where it is due. Cite authors whose work you have used to complete your dissertation.

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