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Suggested Topics on an Essay on King Lear

Professional Help with Writing Essays on King Lear Play

English poet and playwright William Shakespeare is a master of tragic plays. Romeo and Juliet may have been the most famous play that he has ever written, but a number of critics agree that King Lear is his greatest work. The plot of the play King Lear was based on the legend of mythological pre-Roman Celtic king, Leir of Britain. This play has been interpreted in a number of plays. Aside from which, the play King Lear has been the basis for a number of novels and films. In fact, more than 20 movies have been filmed on this play, to date. With the intense notice that was directed on this from the literary, theatrical and film industry, majority of the literary teachers and professors have taken interest on it, as well. As such, instructors often assign an essay on King Lear. With a team that evolves on family, forgiveness and blindness, an essay on King Lear offers a number of possible essay topics for many essay writers. ProfEssays.com understands that some students may not share the passion of their respective teachers in exploring this play. With this, we have come up with a list of suggested topics to assist you in writing an essay on King Lear.

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ProfEssays.com constantly remind you that an essay starts with a good essay topic, followed through by a comprehensive essay plan and implemented in an essay outline with a correct essay format. We have enlisted a few topics that can start off your essay in a worry free way.

  • The role of women in King Lear
  • The blindness of King Lear
  • Analysis of the plays villain: Edmund, Goneril and Regan
  • The social implication of old age and death of King Lear in the play
  • The greed displayed by the two daughters

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