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Tips on Writing an Essay on Anorexia

Custom Written Anorexia Essays

An essay on anorexia will tackle the reasons for, the effects and the cures for under-eating. While the Latinized term implies that this condition is a disorder, some sectors would consider that debatable. People resort to voluntary dieting to trim themselves to size for any number of reasons, a few of which might be considered far-flung and unreasonable. An essay on anorexia deals with the general topic of under-eating. This may be religiously, aesthetically or sub-consciously motivated. The essay topic has universal appeal and application. It lends itself well to humorous essays, analytical essays, scientific essays and any other types of essay. In the article collection of ProfEssays.com you have at your disposal numerous essays on anorexia showcased for the extraordinary quality of execution and remarkable accuracy of content.

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There are several different kinds of anorexia essays:

  1. A plain essay on anorexia deals with the practice of depriving one’s self of food for whatever cause.
  2. An essay on anorexia nervosa examines the phenomenon of psychologically induced under-eating. The most common connotation of anorexia nervosa is dieting to slim down.
  3. An essay on anorexia mirabilis, on the opposite end scrutinizes the practice of starving one’s self for the sake of God. This was a religious fad in the middle ages.
  4. Sexual anorexia is a rare tendency nowadays because it is abstinence from sexual activity.

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