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Essay Ideas

An essay is a short piece of writing usually required to be written by students of all curriculums as a part of their course of study. A good essay from a student reflects positively on his grades and his career. Therefore it is imperative that a student puts in his best in his academics to reach his goal in life. Essay ideas are aplenty but choosing a correct idea with an aim to score more is a very difficult task. When you are faced with such a situation you can trust ProfEssays.com to be of assistance.

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Sleepless nights, tensions, deadlines, essays, seminars, tests are all a reality of a students life. How does he handle all these things and still cope? It is logical to take help where it is available. Are you wondering what essay to write this semester? Running out of ideas? Don’t worry; ProfEssays.com is the perfect solution for you. We will provide you with multiple Essay ideas and topics. Don’t agonize over all the research required, data collection, sorting, formats, styles, grammar, English. We will give you ideas, do all the works and let you cool down.

You might be asked by your advisor to write a particular type of essay. The various types of essays are

Your advisor might give you a type of essay to write or you can first decide which type of essay you will write. Essay ideas will stem from a topic so the next thing to do is finalize the topic. This of course depends on your course of study and your advisors decision.

Visit ProfEssays.com.com for free Essay ideas and topics. We have a whole lot of sample essays and suggestions available on our site. It will help you make a start.

For example,

An argumentative essay can be written on laws relating to abortion, adoption, drugs, gun control, alcohol, driving permits and such controversial sensitive topics. You can present both sides of the argument.

Similarly a persuasive essay also can be written on any of these topics; you present your view point and try to persuade the reader that it is correct.

Comparative essays are written to compare the benefits and drawbacks of two issues, items, solutions or services. For example comparisons between two products like say a split air conditioner or a window air conditioner or a comparison between note book and a net book.
A perfect example of a cause and effect essay could be ‘gun control laws and high school violence’.

Critical essays are essays on books, literature reviews and movie critiques.

Admission essays are usually about your own life plans, goals, and objectives.

Descriptive essays are written to give an account of an event, favorite things, people, places, animals, hobbies, feelings etc. There is no criticism or approval, it is just a representation.

A photo essay is a pictorial representation of a sequence of events, like a flowering plant.

Action plan essay is usually about a proposal; based on the research you plan a strategy and action. A document to this effect is an action essay. Like a test for the use of a perfume in liquid soaps or introducing a new curriculum in school. Based on the research the organization will take action.

Autobiographical essay is an individual’s personal account of a trip, some experience or his opinion. Like a trip to Europe or a review of a painting exhibition or a movie.

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