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Essay by Francis Bacon – a Rich Figure to Explore

Born on 22nd January 1561, Francis Bacon remains as a prominent philosophical advocate and a practitioner of scientific revolution. The students, especially of arts, literature and science find him inspiring and worth exploring figure. However, delving into a personality and the works of such a person is not a cakewalk. To be able to explain and analyze his work, his mind frame and his philosophy, you need to attach yourselves to the environment, society, culture, and the influence that he was the product of.

A distinct approach- His approach to literary works was simply unparallel among his contemporaries. His ideas, philosophy and ideology portrayed in his literary and scientific works thus offer a lot to investigate. Especially his stand on truth, death, religion, women, children, parent and the various issues facing humanity are all the matter of curiosity to all.

A life full of events- His life was full of rich events, ups and downs. He was found guilty of taking bribery, hence was imprisoned. For the same reason he was rendered incapable to hold any office in parliament in future. Other darker side of life- unexpected death of his father, continuous career failure, getting into debt- all gave his essays richer and more real content. Indeed his philosophy seems to take much of its content from real life experiences and inductive reasoning combined. The essays like ‘Of Truth’, ‘Of Death’, ‘Of Revenge’, and ‘Of Envy’ all are enriched with the common issues facing the humanity.

The scientific revolution- his philosophy that science must be honest and correct and that all experimentation should be totally objective are a source of guidelines to all. Besides his focus on human mind as an instrument of scientific study is an important awareness too. It may be argued that his philosophy is not right in its entirety because the scientific premises, principles and the procedures cannot be totally based on deductive reasoning. Nonetheless, the ideas have been a guide light to many scientists who came after him. Sincerity and dedication was the rule of game for him, which made him one among the scientists killed by their own experiments.

The real life influence- Francis Bacon was a prominent figure of Renaissance period. His writing ranges from science, philosophy, ethics, law, history and politics. He is popular for his use of plain language and his stand for inductive reasoning and use of analogy. The essays also suggest his inclination towards idealism where there is only truth, women equality, freedom, no envy, etc. Aristotle’s advocacy to induction rather than prejudgment for the advancement of knowledge has certainly influenced Bacon’s work.

His literary works and ideologies quite different from his contemporaries make him a figure distinct and curious one. The hindrances and the plights that were the companions of his entire life obviously had a great deal of influence in the philosopher in him. And the distinct philosophy remains a source of inspiration to all, to the bygone era and the upcoming one.

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