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Dracula Essay Writing Help

Dracula essay deals with the features of the character named Dracula. The writer of such a paper should name the literary works that were written with this protagonist and focus on the personality of Dracula. It is very important to choose an interesting and catching topic for this essay. Moreover, it should be relevant to the writer. Otherwise, the essay will not be an excellent one. It will seem a rather boring piece of writing. It will be a good idea to use quotations from the different sources to support the ideas discussed in the writing. This tip will help make the writing argumentative. It is necessary to read the book with Dracula as one of its characters. It is impossible to make the readers interested and involved in the topic, if you even have not read the source about the person you are going to talk about.


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Dracula Essay

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Dracula Essay Sample

Writing a Dracula Essay

While a Dracula essay might be a synopsis of the tale of Count Dracula Szekely (the dark sorcerer turned vampire), it could be written as an investigation on the factualness of the vampire myth. The subject matter is fraught with conjecture, hysterical imaginings and frightening half-truths. The phenomenon of vampirism is mentioned fleetingly in the history of old cultures, but has met with incredulity in modern times. There are only few reliable sources that can furnish well rounded facts concerning this essay topic. A number of interesting Dracula essays can be found at the archives of ProfEssays.com.

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The Dracula Discussion

Dracula discussion writing requires a deep understanding of the topic under consideration. It is better to choose only one problem to focus on and discuss it from different perspectives. For instance, if we take a topic “Dracula’s relationship with other characters,” it is better to choose only one character and present evidence to prove your ideas. Be concrete and don’t resort to the use of general thoughts in this case.

The Dracula Paper Writing

Dracula paper writing is better to prepare by means of the following pieces of advice:

  • A good abstract must answer the question “why should I read this writing?”
  • A writer must clearly state his/her contribution to the subject.
  • The related work should be reviewed.
  • Citation of the sources should be relevant to the field of studies.
  • The author’s ideas should be supported by enough evidence.

Dracula Essay Examples

Dracula essay examples are a helping hand for those, who are writing an essay for the first time. Making use of a good sample essay is a basic start for those, who are not sure about the structure and contents of the paper. It does not mean that you can copy the ideas. The use of Dracula essay examples should be just a kind of inspiration for you, nothing more.

Dracula Essay Topics

Choosing a Dracula essay topic is a starting point for your writing. It is possible to elucidate one of the following topics for this type of paper:

  • The vampire’s supernatural power and the way he used it in the book under consideration;
  • The Gothic elements in Dracula;
  • The techniques used by the author to introduce the protagonist to the readers;
  • The features that helped Dracula influence other people.

Dracula Sample Essays

Dracula sample essay will help you to organize and structure the writing in a proper way. By means of reading different samples you will see how to write each part of the essay. It will also help those, who don’t have enough time to read the sources about essay writing and want to succeed with their assignment in spite of this fact. Be sure that you have chosen a sample of high quality.

A Dracula Essay Format

Dracula essay format is also very important. Sometimes writers are asked to stick to a certain number of words. Most frequently such essays are written in MLA format. It means that the whole document must be double spaced and typed in Times New Roman. The font size is 12 pt. Do not forget that all the citations must be done properly. Learn more about a required format before getting down to work.

Dracula Essay HelpDracula Types of Essays

Dracula types of essays can be the following:

The type of essay may depend upon the topic and ideas, which you are going to convey in the writing. Sometimes it is given by the instructor. Every type of essay has its purpose. For example, in evaluation essay you should describe Dracula and explain why he was chosen to be the antagonist of the book.

In the article collection of Professays.com you will be able to read on the controversy about vampires from many angles. There are scientific essays as well as narrative essays wrestling with this bone-chilling question. Here are some facts you could use in a Dracula essay.

  1. Everyone knows that a vampire sucks the blood of living people. What not everyone knows is that it is really the energy of life that the vampire steals; blood is a symbol of that energy.
  2. The etymology of the word might be a good essay topic for a Dracula essay. One theory is that it was derived from a Tatar word ‘ubyr’ meaning ‘witch’. Another opinion proposes that the word is taken from the Albanian words ‘dhamb’ (teeth) and ‘pire’ (sucking).
  3. In older tales, vampires were the undead, bloated and corpse-like beings who liked to visit the places they frequented while alive and wreak mischief there. In the 19th century, the sallow faced, pale and elegant vampire was born with the popularization of the story of Count Dracula and his three brides.
  4. The tradition of many ancient races attests to the fact that vampires have been around for a long time, perhaps as early as prehistoric times. But the vampire as we know him today is based on the 19th century traditions of Eastern Europe.

In your Dracula essay you could talk about the protocol has developed in Eastern Europe regarding the prevention, control and extermination of vampirism. Several reasons have been cited as productive of vampirism:

  1. pacts with the Devil created immortal undead,
  2. black magic or sorcery could induce vampirism,
  3. corpses crossed over by a dog or a cat indicated a possible vampire,
  4. pouring boiling water on wounds on corpses could cause that person to become a vampire.

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