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Plotting the Perfect Design Essay

Custom Written Design Essays

Design essays are commonly assigned to college students. A design essay normally discusses the framework of an object or a process. This type of essay is usually given to students who have courses that are related to technological development. Some of which are: information technology, web design, automotive and engineering. Furthermore, this essay type is also given to students who studies planning, such as architecture, fashion and arts. ProfEssays.com understands the varied ways by which you can write a design essay and shares with you some guidelines to compose your essay.

Download Free Sample of a Design Essay

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Design may take varied essay topics. This is because of the varied meanings attached to it. Depending on the students’ course and the teacher’s requirements, design can be interpreted in many ways. With this in mind, ProfEssays.com provides you a quick step by step guide:

  • Essay topic – if you are given a free choice on the topic, choose a topic that highly interests you and is directly related to your course. If you are a taking information technology, you may discuss the latest design of smart phones, or if you are taking automotive, hybrid cars can be your topic.
  • Type of essay – Depending on your topic and objective, you make take varied essay types. If you would simply impart knowledge, you may use the informative essay. If you plan to give examples on the topic, illustration essay is the perfect essay to use.
  • Essay plan – Based on the topic and the type of essay that you will use, you can already create a plan, which will be the basis of your research.
  • Essay outline – create an outline to plot the major components of your essay. When drafting your outline, remember to include the essay introduction, body and conclusion
  • Write your essay – with an outline, writing your essay will be a lot easier as all your materials have already been organized. All you have to do now is create transition sentences, phrase and words, to bind your materials in a coherent manner
  • Edit and Cite – edit your paper to identify the possible errors and cite your references to avoid plagiarism.

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