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Guide to Writing a ‘Death of a Salesman’ Essay

Custom Written Death of a Salesman Essays

A ‘Death of a Salesman’ essay can be a narrative essay or an analytical essay. It may even be a book report. The central topic of such an essay is the novel with the same name which was written by Arthur Miller in 1949. The story revolves around the conflict between the dreamy, idealistic nature of the protagonist and the exigencies of reality with which he is unable to cope. The story has been compared to a Greek tragedy in modern setting. In this way it loses some of the epic qualities of original Greek tragedies. ‘Death of a Salesman’ essay samples will be found in the article compilations of ProfEssays.com. The writers of these literary custom essays are the expert providers of this establishment. In whatever format or essay genre these essays are written, their common denominator is the distinct excellence which can only come from a seasoned, professional pen.

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Your ‘Death of a Salesman’ essay needs to tackle the interaction among the main characters of the Loman family:

  1. Willi Loman, the main protagonist. He was a 63-year old salesman who is steadily losing his touch. He is beset by diminishing commissions and haunted by dreams of wealth.
  2. Linda Loman, Willi’s wife. She plays along with Willi’s illusions and seems to be able to understand his situation better than anyone else in the story.
  3. Biff Loman, Willi’s eldest son. He disagrees with his father’s attitude, tries to make out for himself but finds that the lingering values of his childhood still chain him to the illusory and idealistic viewpoints of his father.
  4. Happy Loman, Willi’s younger son. He idealizes his father and craves for his father’s attention.
  5. Ben Loman. Willi’s older brother. He represents for Willi the elusive success that he dreams of all the time.

To successfully write a personal essay about a novel written in the mid 20th century, you should look for accomplished scholars in the field of literature. It is easy to misconstrue the message of a story that is the product of a generation whose outlook on life was drastically different from today’s ideologies. The writers of ProfEssays.com keep themselves well-informed for their clients. If you need to write a masterful ‘Death of a Salesman’ essay, just pay them a visit. You will find their prices affordable and well worth the quality, faithfulness and punctuality of their services. You don’t need to stop revising until you are perfectly satisfied. And all your transactions and personal data will be kept confidential. Read more about: illustration essays, business essays and how to write an essay.

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