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Learning to Write a Communication Essay

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The sooner to start you out, here are some topics for communication essays:

  1. Given a historical incident which involved communicating among people, explain why or why not the persons participating in that scenario used or did not use the correct communication skills. Go on to state the effect of applying or not applying communication skills had on the outcome of the situation.
  2. Discuss the effect that the abbreviated and keyword oriented style prevalent in web publications will have on the development of more symbol-oriented variations of language.
  3. Write a dissertation examining modes of communication other than spoken, written or audible words. Discuss the importance that each of these modes has in everyday communication. Compare their significance with the significance of the conventionally used means of communication.
  4. What is your opinion of telepathic communication. Discuss why you feel that way about the topic. Cite evidences to support your thesis from history events.
  5. In your view, what will be the state of communication fifty years from today. Supply your readers with facts to validate your view of the future state of global communications.

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