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How to Select a College Admission Essay Topic

Your choice of college admission essay topics is the most important step towards making it impressive. Of all the academic essays, the college admission essay will be the one which requires most your spontaneity. Remember, the real purpose of the admission essay is to give the school an idea of the sort of person you are, your preferences and dislikes and your goals in life. The topics that you should select should be related to one or more aspect of your personality. For personalized custom essays you might want to look up Professays.com. With the help of its professional providers in the field of formal writing, Professays.com has produced excellent examples on college admission essay topics for many satisfied clients.

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It has been publishing writing guides on diverse writing styles. The following list of suggestions for college admission essay topics is one such guide.

Some good essay topics for admission to college are:

  1. Recall an important event in your life and describe its effects on the development of your personality and possibly on your choice of career.
  2. Describe the life and personality of an unforgettable person who touched your life and molded your thinking and explain how the memory of this person has affected your values in life.
  3. Describe a difficult situation that you went through, how it changed your outlook on life, what your options were and how you pulled yourself through it. Relate this incident if possible to your choice of career and to your vision for your future.
  4. A good college essay topic for revealing your personality to the reader is an essay about your general outlook on life and people, and how this outlook has made you choose your career.
  5. Tell your readers how you would change the educational system in order for focus to be given to bringing academic life closer to real life.
  6. Write an essay about what you plan to achieve during your college years.
  7. Write an essay about your vision of yourself after you graduate from college.
  8. Describe why your profession of choice has a significant role in building society.

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