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Bioterrorism Essay

Writing Help With Bioterrorism Essay

Bioterrorism is an act of deliberate use of micro- organisms like virus, fungi, and bacteria to cause deaths and diseases to the others. Bioterrorism is often compared with an atom bomb with unimaginable consequences. But the question is- what is the possibility for it to happen and how soon. Is the fear of bioterrorism just in the mind of the public, in the news and fiction or is it a real contemporary issue? The questions are many, the answers, however, are blurred. Anyway bioterrorism has been a buzz word of twenty-first century. And bioterrorism essay deals with such issues and tries to answer questions regarding the same. To make sure that proper questions are posed and appropriately answered, you can take help from ProfEssays.com.

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Some ideas to help you with bioterrorism essays

  1. What topic to choose – bioterrorism has myriad of issues. You can focus on the history of bioterrorism or the use of bio- weapons in the wars. You can also take up one kind of biological agent employed in bioterrorism and the mechanisms of the same. Also you can focus on the consequences of bioterrorism. Or you can focus on one event that has happened in which bio- weapons were used. Anyway ensure that you have enough evidences to support for your essay.
  2. Framing introduction – introduce bioterrorism to the readers in a couple of sentences, then give a general overview of your topic, like if you are talking about anthrax, give an idea on how anthrax is used as a bio- weapon. Make sure your introduction is brief and sweet so that the readers become curious to continue reading the essay.
  3. The thesis sentence – this is the main statement of the essay. It comes in introduction part and tells the reader in one sentence what exactly is the theme of your essay. For example, if you are dealing with anthrax and how dangerous it is, you can say ‘anthrax, a common bio- weapon may have an impact of an atom bomb with devastating consequence unless it is checked in time.’ This will give a clear idea to the reader what is your stand in the given problem, what they should expect in the essay.
  4. Sound body paragraphs – yes, this is obviously the main part of the essay. Here you support your point forwarding facts, opinions and arguments. For example, if you are dealing with anthrax, you can talk about its mechanism, i.e. how it is made and its ability to stay in environment for long duration; how it communicates to the other; the consequences; and what can be done to arrest the same. Each theme should be discussed in separate paragraph.
  5. Convincing conclusion – here you conclude the essay with nice closing statements. It comes from your essay and gives a summary of whatever you talked about in the body paragraphs. It is like reminding the readers, at last, what they must remember about (e.g. for our instance, anthrax) and your final take on it. However, you should not introduce any new themes for your topic.

Bioterrorism is certainly a threat to the humanity and thus it has got well deserved attention from every side. For your essay, you should try to capture the sentiment of the people about the issue. Only a rumor about bioterrorism is enough to create havoc; and why would it not, with so much far- reaching consequences of the same. It is easy to find biological weapon in the environment. However, it is not so easy to turn them into a bio- weapon with the viruses like anthrax. Often, it is a used by the bio- terrorists to create panic rather than creating an impact. And ProfEssays.com will take into consideration all these aspects while writing bioterrorism essays.

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