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How to Write APA Format Essays

The APA format is a widely accepted method of documentation. It is very often used for dissertations on the social sciences, but can be applied for other disciplines too. It requires a Title page and an Abstract page which corresponds to the Introduction of other essay formats. The author-date style of in-text citation is applied and the list of sources is called the References Section. A page header is required for every page. In-text headers are classifiable into 5 levels. A good place to find examples of essay formats is the article collection of ProfEssays.com. All types of essays done in a variety of formats can be found there.

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Let’s talk about the in-text headers of an APA format essay. These have five levels, meaning that your main header can have four subordinate categories. The levels are differentiated from each other by the way they are formatted, as follows:

  1. The first level is bold and centered making use of both upper and lowercase.
  2. The second level is bold, centered, upper and lower case and left aligned.
  3. The third level is indented, bold and lowercase, ending with a period.
  4. The fourth level is like the third level but is also italicized.
  5. The fifth level is the fourth but not bold.

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