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Youth is characterized by distinct fashion, behaviors, lifestyle and beliefs. And the American youth have their discrete ways and style. The importance of youth in the development of nation can never be exaggerated. As such the American youth have increasingly been given attention they deserve. Youth cultures cannot be overlooked while trying to understand the culture of America. As such America’s youth essay is getting increasing popularity among the students, especially of humanity. If you want a quality essay on America’s youth, you can always buy essays from ProfEssays.com.

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We have outlined few points to help you with America’s youth essay

  • Topic- you can find myriad of choices for your topic. The following can give you an idea on deciding the topic.
  1. The k- 12 education system and its effect in the growth and employment of the youths and high literacy rate for the youths.
  2. The use of Facebook, and social networking sites.
  3. The time spent in media by youth is more than the time spent in school.
  4. The involvement of youth in drunkenness, violence, the reason, the psychology, etc.
  5. Importance of youth in building the nation, how they can be motivated.
  • Introduction – here you introduce the readers to the issue or the topic you are talking about in the essay. You tell them why it is important to talk about the issue. You put your question or a base for argument that you are addressing in the essay. For example, if you choose the topic ‘the reasons to why youth involve in violence’, just give a general idea about the tendency of youth to involve in violence and what are the general notions for the same and some facts about it.
  • Thesis statement – the thesis statement comes around the end of the introduction part. It is a one sentence that gives the gist of the entire essay. It is like final declaration from your side and what you are going to support through the essay. For example, ‘the social environment is the reason for youth violence and not the youths themselves.
  • Body – this obviously is the main part of the essay. Here you give the findings of your observation, put forward your arguments and then support it with strong evidences. For example, what you believe are the environmental factors that result in youth violence. You can back it with the statistics, facts and observation of some imminent personality in the field.
  • Conclusion – this is the closing part of the essay. Here you summarize the ideas and give your final stand on the issue. However, it should not be anything new, but a deduction from your discussion. For example, for the issue above, you can say, ‘it is time for the parents, the educational institutions and other social entities to review their cultures. They must figure out why the young ones grow violent instead of blaming them when it is too late.’
  • References and bibliography – this is an important part of the essay. Here you give the sources for all the materials and ideas you borrowed for the essay, including the statistics. This will save you from being charged for plagiarism and also makes a way for the other to do further study on through the sources your mentioned.
  • Other aspects – time management is something you must learn to write a good essay. You cannot brace yourself the last hour, well unless you do not mind a poorly written essay. Next, proofreading is must to make sure that everything with the essay is alright and that everything makes sense the way it is. For more ideas, you can follow the link Useful Prompts to Help You to Write Your Essay Papers.

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