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Custom Written Action Research Papers

An action research paper is also called participatory research or collaborative inquiry or emancipatory research or action learning. Its nature is different from the classical research analysis essay in that its results are defined as much by scientific discipline as by the personal impressions of the researchers. Active participation in the process is not limited to the scientists, but the subjects of research may also contribute to the total learning process. It is obvious that the writer of this type of essay you will need to base it on an accurate log of developments occurring during the proceedings to be covered by the action research paper.

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ProfEssays.com brings you these five cyclical steps involved in conducting the procedures you will be recording in your action research paper:

  1. A problem associated with a specific event is identified and the factors contributing to its manifestation are diagnosed.
  2. Alternative actions are devised with the end in mind of preventing the occurrence of the problem in a repeat of the event.
  3. A selection is made from the new methods conceived for addressing the problem and the choice of action is implemented.
  4. The activity completed, the results are collated and organized.
  5. The results are classified and any problems which have arisen are addressed in the next five-step cycle, resuming from number one.

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