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Acid Rain Essay

Well Crafted Acid Rain Essay

Acid rain is the term assigned to the acidic particulars present in the rain water. The cause is largely human triggered. The ever increasing pollution that obviously is the bane of the industrialization has accelerated the chances of occurring of acid rain. With the unbearable rise in pollution and negative impacts of acidic rain, the issue has grabbed attention from every side. The students alike are asked to write essays on the same. While this helps the students learn more about the phenomenon, it also motivates them to take initiatives in the same regard. If you are short of ideas or resources and skill sets for your Acid Rain Essay, then ProfEssays.com is there for you to take advantage of.

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Acid rain is not an issue facing a particular nation and hence the issue is not limited by the geographical or political territory. It may affect any part of the world. The main elements that make rain acidic are the dissolved Carbon dioxide (CO2), Sulpher dioxide (SO2), Nitrate oxide (NOx). Even though these compounds are generally present in the air, due to excessive presence, gases may react with the water elements and the result- the formation of acid. While, usually, the acid concentrations are not high, it may create potential damage to the historical entities, the aquatic lives and the natural vegetations around.

Some ideas to help you deal with your Acid Rain Essay are outlined for your benefit:

  1. Understand the process- The gases in the polluted air has high amount of acidic compounds that combines with water and makes the water acidic. And the rainfall brings down the acidic water together it.
  2. Deal with the reason- the emission by the factories and the vehicular uses are the greatest reasons that trigger acid rain. Forest fire, volcanoes, and some biological phenomenon are also the reasons. However, compared to the natural causes, the human factors are more attributable to the recent acid rains.
  3. Consider the results- the depletion of forest area, e.g. the most obvious one in Germany and China recently are the biggest evil consequences. Also the fresh water life, soil, and the vegetation are severely affected by acid rains. The historical entities, the buildings, will lose their façade thus jeopardizing the architecture embedded in them and also causing the loss of property.
  4. Give the solutions- reducing the use of fossil fuel that emits the harmful gases into the atmosphere can help deal with the issue. Industrial and the vehicular use should be limited or alternative energy should be used.
  5. Studies, researches- there have continuously been study of acid rain and researches carried out. With more instances of acid rains post 1950’s, the phenomenon has garnered more attention. The American footstep, National Acidic Precipitation Assessment Program (NAPAP) and its research were significant in the study of the phenomenon.
  6. The initiations- the main initiation in avoiding the acid rain by United States were the Acid Deposition Acts, Clean Air Act and many amendments that followed the researches. Also the many regulatory steps by European Union are there to address the issues. With an aim to bring the entire world together, there have been many international summits that stressed on reduction of emission.
  7. Easy steps- first step to a good essay is a right topic that will interest the reader and makes you feel comfortable. Also a good introduction backed by strong thesis statement is precondition to attract the readers. Next, strong body with valid base to your stand on the issue should be your focus. Finally, a closing paragraph that is representative of the entire essay is the best quality of the best essays.

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