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Five Hundred Word Essay Writing Help

Writing of short essays is not an easy task. Just think of this – you have got 300-500 words to express your thoughts on a certain issue. No more, no less! What does that mean? It means that there should not be a single extra word in your essay. Don’t even think of writing some introductory statements that cover 2 or 3 A4 pages. You have to be laconic, but yet understood to a reader. As writing of a short essay does not take much time, this is a very popular assignment in high schools, colleges and universities. You have learnt a new topic? Ok, then! Write a short essay on what you think about it. Have you read a new book? Please, describe a key character in 300 words.

Very often students are given carte blanche when choosing topics for short essays. But it also happens that a short e300 word essays
has particular topic which must be developed in 300-500 words. The beauty of a short essay is that professor does not need much time to read the text, but yet he or she can evaluate student’s writing skills and knowledge of the topic.

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Help with Writing 500 Word Essays

A five hundred word essay is also known as a five paragraph essay. In such an essay, the whole idea of the paragraph is divided into five sections. Each section talks about a different idea or theme. This way an essay becomes much more explicable and relevant because the reader doesn’t get confused with the arguments. He gets all the arguments weaved in a set format with clear argumentations.
While writing such essays one needs to be careful of the arguments one is presenting in different paragraphs. Always avoid repetition because it repels the reader and makes the work appear to be confused and unclear. What one can do is to jot down all the necessary points in the form of a rough draft. Preparing a rough draft is always beneficial because it gives you an opportunity to revise your own work before finally submitting it. In that rough draft you can clearly see a loosely structured format of your essay. A five paragraph essay should have a well articulated thesis statement as well. A thesis statement is a simple briefing of your essay that provides a little hint of the content to the reader.

500 Word College Essays

The fact that the essay contains 500 words does not mean that it should have a very simple contents and structure. No way! 500 word college essays are perfect examples of students’ ability to express their thoughts in laconic form. This is a real gift that not all students have. That is why there are so many problems with short essays. College students sometimes submit just 5 paragraphs that are not related to one another. 500 word college essays must comply with all requirements to this form of academic writing. They should have introduction, body and conclusion, although you have just one paragraph to introduce the topic and draw conclusions.

300 Word Essays

500 Words Essay Help

300 words essays are very tricky. You have a limited number of words to develop a certain topic. Moreover, you essay still needs introduction and conclusion. If you exceed total word count, it will negatively influence your grade. So, you have to be very precise. Sometimes you have to develop very serious topics and if you waste your words for meaningless sentences you will never succeed. 300 words is all you have, so use every word to support the essay topic or idea.

500 Word Essay Examples

As said above, writing of a short essay can be a daunting task. Thus, you should certainly look for 500 word essay examples that can be found at web sites of essay writing companies, like Professays.com. You can find 500 word essay examples at our web site. These essays have been approved by our customers and highly valued by their professors. So, you can use them as guides to write own essays.

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500 Word Short Stories

Short story writing can be fun in case you know how to express your thoughts. 500 word short stories can tell much about your personality and character. They are usually based on your experience or something interesting happened to you. Often, these are funny stories. It is not easy to write funny stories unless you a funny person yourself. That is why if you feel that you cannot write some funny text, ask professionals to help you. Professays.com has several writers who specialize in funny stories writing. If you tell them about your experience and personality you will get a nicely written funny short story.

500 Word Essay Outline

Indeed, a 500 word essay is rather short, but it still has to meet requirements as to essay outline. Like any other essay types, 500 word essay outline should include introduction, body and conclusion. In fact, these are 5 paragraphs 100 words each. You have to be very precise in introduction and conclusion and you have got only 200 words to introduce your thoughts and make a summary. Use simple language and short sentences to make your 500 word essay readable.

Short Essay

Many students feel happy when they are assigned with a short essay writing task. But as soon as they start working they understand that they cannot cope with the task. 300 or 500 words is not enough to express own thoughts or develop a topic. 500 words is a lot, in case a professional writer gets to work. So, if you need a short essay there is nothing wrong with asking for help. We at ProfEssays.com are always happy to solve our customers’ problems.

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