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How To Write A Personal Essay

Starting Your Personal Essay the Right Way

Starting your personal essay the right way can be easy—the main point is to let the reader know as quickly as possible what you’re going to be writing about. Personal essay writing is all about keeping the audience’s attention. To ensure this, make sure that your first paragraph tells your audience what you’re going to talk about in a manner that is intriguing. For example, instead of saying “this essay is going to be about life and love”, you could say “the day I met her I didn’t know it but my life would never be the same again”—make sure to open your personal essay in a manner that is going to leave your audience wanting more.

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Whereas more formal essays might begin with a thesis statement and continue with the traditional format of introduction, body and conclusion, when starting your personal essay you have a little more room to play around with the construction of your paragraphs—ask yourself: what is best to mention now? What angle should you pursue to be able to say something different about your subject? It also helps to do research—how were similar essays written in the past? What makes your work unique? Answering these questions allows you to come up with a great first sentence to kick off your personal essay.

Making Sure That Your Personal Essay Is Interesting

The first thing you have to do when writing a personal essay is to guarantee that it will be read. One way to do this is by making sure that your personal essay is interesting. Before you begin, consider what you’re going to write about and ask yourself whether the subject matter is appropriate for the intended audience. For example, if the personal essay is intended as a submission for school, then it might be inappropriate to talk about your relationship with profanity—however, if it’s a submission to a journal article that talks about language and development, then this might be acceptable.

You should also consider whether or not your personal essay is saying something new or if it’s just reiterating something which has already been said numerous times before. Is your topic cliché? Will people still want to read it? Once your proposed topic is able to pass these qualifications, you’ll be one step closer to making sure that your personal essay is interesting. Another big step that will bring you closer to achieving your goal is placing an order for a custom essay or evaluation; this way experts can help you come up with a personal essay that is top-grade quality and engaging for your readers.

How to Write A Reader-Friendly Essay

The first crucial step you need to make when learning how to write a reader-friendly essay, is to check whether or not your work is grammatically correct. If the grammar, spelling and punctuation of your essay are flawless, then you’re half way there—errors in syntax make your work difficult to read and could turn a lot of your readers off, the difficulty discouraging them from finishing your essay. If you have trouble with the technical aspects of writing, it would be best to do your research and to get essay writing assistance. You could also consult different reference books such as dictionaries and thesauruses.

Learning how to write a reader-friendly essay also involves a lot of structure. The clearer and more concise the format of your work is, the easier it will be for your reader to absorb. Begin with a good outline that clearly states your thesis statement and the contents of your introduction, body and conclusion. Evaluate all of your headings, subheadings and tailor your paper accordingly. If this is challenging for you, you can look up different online resources for more information and essay writing help!

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How to Write About Yourself

Personal Essay Example (Click the Image to Enlarge)

Personal Essay Sample

Practice how to write about yourself by coming up with a personal biography—it doesn’t have to be long but it should be complete. Make sure to write this in the first person; this helps you get used to talking about your experiences and to writing using the “I” persona. To help you better learn how to do this, you can click on our guide and fill in the blanks of your personal biography.

The more personal your essay is, the better—however, for you to be able to effectively write about yourself, you have to learn reasonable distance. Remember that you’re writing this for someone who doesn’t know you: don’t be afraid to elaborate about different occurrences in your life that the reader might not know about. Try to put yourself in your reader’s shoes: what questions will they ask? What things might be confusing for them?

Another good step to take when learning how to write about yourself is to ask for someone else’s opinion: it might be best to choose someone who wasn’t present during the anecdote that you’re describing or someone who doesn’t know you very well. That way, they’ll be able to evaluate your paper objectively. You can also get this kind of advice from expert services—you could order a custom essay and get a good, professional opinion about your essay writing skills.