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Essay Paper on What Parents Can Do for their Children

This is the story of my uncle and his wife, who taught English as missionaries in Honduras. They couldn’t have children, but God had a plan for them. One that changed their life. The plight of my uncle’s daughter has touched everybody. First, she got a new meaning for their life. Second, she changed their life again with her disease. And last, she touched a nation.A littler girl has changed my uncle’s family life. It was January 1995, when my uncle and his wife decided to go to teach English as missionaries in Honduras. And 2 years later, they found a supply in their doorstep of their house. A 10-day-old-girl was abandoned. When they saw her, they knew their life has a new meaning. So, they decided to adopt her and bring her back to USA, so she can have a better future.
Certainly, the life of my uncle’s family will change again. It had been 4 years already.

All these years, she has been a blessing for my uncle’s family. She went to a private school, took ballet lessons and leaned how to swim and do gymnastics. And, she never got sick. Then one day, everything changed. A doctor diagnosed her of having a bad disease. Who said, “She could die if she does not have a bone marrow transplant soon.” With the time running out, my uncle and his wife have to re-arrange their life to save their daughter. My uncle sold their house to find somewhere they could live on one wage and that was closer to hospital care. Also, we helped my uncle by taking care of his daughter while he go to work and my uncle’s wife and her sister went back to Honduras to find a close donor.

Outpouring of love from the public in helping a person in need. As soon as my aunt and her sister arrived in Honduras, they went to the Red Cross for help. The plight of my uncle’s daughter was reported all over Honduras. 800 phones were set in the Red Cross headquarter. “Honduras gave my daughter life, and now I must ask it to give her life again. Although my daughter now lives in America, she is a daughter of Honduras also. I have come to Honduras to respectfully ask for them to help me and my family to save the life of our littler girl.” Said my aunt. The phones ring nearly every second from all over the mainland with people offering their help.

Within a month, they found a donor and my uncle’s daughter was cure. On the whole, this kind of story can touch everybody. People know what they would do for love, what they would do for their own family, if they were in the same situation. “We just did the best we can to save the life of our precious littler girl,” said my uncle. Would you do the same for your?

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