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Essay Paper on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been a serious problem of many families or relationships. Unfortunately, it has not been addressed for many years. It does not matter what social group the victim lives in, what material standing she has got, what her religious background is. Only due to feminist movement development this challenge in front of our society has become distinguished and is supposed to be taken care of. Generally, domestic violence consists in “control by one partner over another in a dating, marital or live-in relationship. The means of control include physical, sexual, emotional and economic abuse, threats and isolation.”

When we talk about the definite case and the examples – the following example can be given. Let us assume that a woman, Betty Benson, was killed by her husband, Bill Benson as a result of the latest fight. The situation is characterized as a repercussive one as quarrels have been everyday occurrences in this household. The neighbors have called the police to stop the fights but Mrs. Benson has never pressed charge against her husband. Thus, the problem lies in the inability of the victim to protect herself and in fear to make the aggressor arrested because this fact might lead to more violence when the aggressor is set free. The problem also is redoubled by the fact that the husband has eventually killed his wife. The same outcomes are statistical but they seem to never teach the victims of this domestic violence to protect themselves and finally get rid of the tormentors.

When the participants of the entire situation are considered, they are as follows. The change agent system can be considered the Congress which has passed the bill calling for mandatory arrest and detention during the process of investigation of anyone suspected of spousal assault. The initiator system is certainly a local group called WASA (Women for Action against Spouse Abuse). The client system can be considered all women who suffer from domestic violence. As for the target system – these are the abusers who cause all the inconveniences and sufferings of their spouses. And finally, police can be viewed as the action system.

When the specific change is contemplated, the bill which has already been described afore, is supposed to cause serious changes in the legislation connected with the spouse abuse. The mandatory detention is supposed to be 48 hours and during this period the investigation against the suspect is to be held. When forces for and against this bill are viewed, they are the following. As WASA supported the bill, the advantages of it lie in the possibility of the victim to protect herself from violent acts; police will thus have the possibility to investigate the case properly and find evidence for or against the accusation; other women who suffer from spousal abuse will see that situations like those they live in can be solved and they can suspend their sufferings; and, finally, the victimizer will ultimately see that his behavior is neither pardonable nor unpunished. On the other hand, the disadvantages of this bill may consist in depriving suspects of their constitutional rights and in passing-by the assumption of innocence.

This kind of change is necessary for the victims of domestic violence, and it seems that there are no other opinions. Women who endure these sufferings being tortured, slaughtered or intimidated and treated with indignity really need such changes to be implemented. When considering the new legislation the views and consultations of social workers and lawyers are supposed to be considered…

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