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Essay Paper on Emergency Fire Department Coordinator

by Aidan Brown


Our local fire department in this small Nebraska community is supported by the U.S. Fire Administration, or USFA, a federal agency.  It’s a branch of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security. As such, the fire fighters are authorized by Homeland Security to take passive action against any threat to our sovereign nation, the United States of America (Bryant, B, n.d.).  Homeland Security has grants available for rural communities like this one for crises, and for prevention of terrorism since the 9-11 tragedy   (FEMA, 2008).

Intelligence for security

The local fire department is entitled to take measures to gather intelligence when conducting its duty at a house or community building. If conducting a fire inspection, for example, a fireman may legally contact the local public safety office if any suspicious activity or object is present. The local firemen, under Homeland Security must:

  • Gather intelligence passively.
  • Share all information gathered with the public safety from any perceived threat to the community’s security.
  • Undergo training for detecting any possible threat to individuals or the community.

Impart this information gathered while in the course of duty to the appropriate citizen or community groups  (Gartenstein-Ross, D. and Dabruzzi, K., 2008).

FEMA offers grants to fire stations from Homeland Security

Funds will be similar this year as in 2011, when over $800 million was appropriated for fire stations.  Half again should be for Fire and EMS Operations and Safety Grants, and related services. Half will be for Staffing Grants for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Grants, or SAFER  (FEMA , 2008).  This local fire department will certainly have its share after applying to FEMA for these grants soon.

The Department of Homeland Security is preparing fire departments for terrorist acts

This fire department will be trained by the DHS for how to deal with terrorist acts. The firemen will learn to recognize terrorist actions, and to identify their materials used.  The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency will be contacted regarding training for our fire fighters in handling these dangerous situations (Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, 2011)

The local fire station will coordinate tip lines for suspicious activities

This fire department will work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in providing tip hot lines for reporting suspicious behavior in this community (Gartenstein-Ross, D. and Dabruzzi, K., 2008). Funds will be provided from Homeland Security grants (FEMA, 2008).


Since 9-11, each community must be ever vigilante, no matter how small, of terrorist activity. Nebraska, although replete with small towns such as this one, are potential targets as well as the large cities. Agriculture is the leading industry of this entire area. Our crops and livestock feed thousands. We have to be aware that the agriculture industry here is a target.  We also need to use the grants appropriated for rural fire departments such as this one to effectively handle emergencies (FEMA, 2008).

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