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Essay Paper on Obstacles in Critical Thinking

My definition of critical thinking is that it is the process of persistently and intelligently visualizing, applying, and evaluating information that was gathered from observation, experience, or interaction. . It set of skills to process and generate information and beliefs by using those skills you know and learned to guide behavior in everyday life. The definition I came up with ties in with all three articles previously analyzed. I believe that all three definitions are correct, and logical. There is no one exact definition of critical thinking. Many connect with one another, justifying and supporting the elements expressed in each definition.Critical Thinking in Everyday Life and the Nursing Profession
Nursing involves the ideas, concepts and theories of nursing. Nurses must be disciplined, and able to respond quickly and effectively to situations that may occur. In order to do all this, you must be able to think critically. Being in the nursing profession, you are involved in people‚Äôs lives everyday, and by thinking critically, you will be able to make decisions safely, accurately, and logically. As nurses, we want to eliminate irrelevant, inconsistent and illogical thoughts as we reason about client care. You must be willing to seek answers to questions or concerns, and tolerate others’ views.

The major obstacles in critical thinking are self-deception, stereotyping, conformity and emotional influences.
Self-deception can cloud a person’s judgment when that judgment is in reference to an issue witch deals with their appearance, finance, or other aspects of their personal life.

Stereotype is a personal and sometimes offensive feeling that has been formulated into a word. It is a personal judgment that can offend us, as it is more an inward feeling. Or is it merely just a ploy in acknowledging our judgments because our ignorance is too strong?

I have come to realize that stereotyping is a way to impress others. Are we merely programming what we think is the truth? My parents have showed me a way to think outside of myself and my own stereotype blinded me into rationalizing what I thought “the way” was. I chose to put this in my environment and in fact offended my own thoughts on judging something. Maybe that is the true definition of stereotyping, for me. Stereotyping is in fact the “I,” because of how we each as individuals choose to categorize someone or something. It is indeed a self-destructive tool in critical thinking, which we use daily. So who is the judge after all, you or me through you?

Emotional Influences are in my opinion the number one cause of miscommunication and the number one barrier for effective critical thinking. I have picked an issue which not only is dear to my heart but to most Americans and that is the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

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