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Essay Paper on Physiotherapy – Health Professions in Health and Social Care Sector

The relationship between policy, legislation and implementation in many cases is left misunderstood. Elaboration of effective legislation plays a crucial role in this process. Before the elaboration of legislation this new policy must be developed to guide the nature and content of the legislation. Legislation is the basis for policy later implementation: in case there uncovered issues in legislation there is no chance for effective policy to be introduced in the medical care sector.

The role of legislation can be summarized as follows

  1. Provision of certainty to the intention of the policy to which it relates
  2. Establishment of structures and mechanisms able to put the policy into practice
  3. Providing for sanctions should the policy (encapsulated in the legal provisions) be breached.

Decisions on policy, legislation and implementation should all be guided by the constitutional imperatives to:

  • Take steps to progressively realise the rights of everyone to have access to health care services
  • Promote and protect the right of children to basic health care services
  • Ensure that no-one is refused emergency medical treatment.

The effectiveness of multi-disciplinary team working and interagency collaboration

The notion of team

There is debate about which disciplines should be considered professionals and we did not want to enter that debate. The term can be used as collaborative, but it is not always essential for team members to collaborate because in many situations team members must practice autonomously. In this case the term interdisciplinary suits all the purposes because of its inclusiveness. Interdisciplinary is a term that has been around for a long time. If it does not describe what people want it to describe, we believe that is because many authors have not defined their terms and over time this word has come to take on meanings that were not intended.

The interdisciplinary team approach to health care

There are those who equate teams with groups and those who recognize teams but do not distinguish between different types of teams. Group development or organizational development theory is applied, by some, to all small groups. This has contributed to the scarcity of funding for research on the development and function of different kinds of teams and groups. If we reduce all teams to groups and all groups are thought to be the same, then there is no point in comparing different kinds of groups or teams. This paper supports the assumption that groups may be a part of but are not the same as teams; that health care teams are different from other kinds of business teams; and that there are different kinds of health care teams.

Neither every type of patient nor every situation calls for a team approach. Well-developed and efficient teams are those that can quickly evaluate a complex situation and decide how to state the problem so the members of the team can use their skills to focus on an integrated approach. Members participate only when and how they are needed. This type of team requires more initial effort and pays off in the long term. It pays off if the system is stable enough to allow teams to develop around a core element of trust. It is only through mutual trust that errors will be noted as problems to be solved and processes to be improved.

To work, a new vision of team must come from the heart of health care, not just from the educators, clinicians, or administrators. In order to work, interdisciplinary teamwork must become part of the fabric of health care. As the world begins a new millennium, managed care is struggling for dominance in the U.S. health care arena. The current bottom-line focus of health care is the controlling force that is keeping teams from treating the person holistically. The problem is that the bottom line that administrators and investors view is not the real bottom line. The monetary bottom line does not account for many of the problems that make the current health care system distasteful to many and untenable to those who have been hurt or shortchanged by it.

Interrelated clinical and social issues can create complexity in health care. The vignette also represents changes and dilemmas that are occurring in health care and the confusion among health care providers. Health care teams are forced to defend their positions as they are learning to cope with new systems of care and the changing philosophies of management. Yet, health care providers retain an innate sense that they cannot always provide care alone or without formal mechanisms for collaboration…

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