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Essay Topic on Classroom Diversity

Inclusion is a key factor in the classroom; it helps bring diversity into the lives of many children all over the world. When children with special needs are mixed in with the general education system, everyone benefits. Special needs children have more of a social setting in a regular school, which means they have more helpers and friends. Having more friends can deeply impact a child’s self-esteem, making it somewhat easier to learn. Children without special need also benefit from inclusion. By bringing in these “different” children, the other children in the classroom will learn about diversity. Diversity is crucial to a growing child! Children need to learn all about this topic in their early childhood years, so that they are able to handle certain situations when they are presented to them. It is very important to teach children that everyone is different and special in their own way.

Inclusion also brings some disadvantages to the table. The fear of labeling is one of these disadvantages. Concerns about labeling are in fact valid, but people need to realize that it is a part of life. Another concern is that the teachers will spend all of their time with the child with special needs. This is a very unlikely situation. If a child takes up a majority of the teacher’s time and other children are affected by this, the child should definitely be in a special education class. In most cases the child who is put in inclusion will not require that much attention. Sure he/she might need a little more attention than a child that doesn’t have special needs, but it shouldn’t cause problems of an extreme. Another disadvantage is that it requires more work from the teacher. I understand this can be challenging at times, but if you’re a teacher it shouldn’t matter how much work you have to put in as long as each student is learning. If this does matter I think that the teacher with the problem is in the wrong profession for the wrong reasons.

The situation with Jason really upsets me. I can’t believe that the parents of the children can be so shallow. This is exactly why we must practice inclusion now, so that our children don’t grow up to be shallow like the parents in this story. If we teach them now, future generations will be more likely to accept children with special needs. We won’t have adults going around saying that a child has disgusting behavior, just because he/she is a little different. It is bad enough that we have children teasing these special children! Shouldn’t we expect more from adults!

I’m not quite sure how I would handle the fears and attitudes of the so called adults in this story. It would definitely be hard to hold back the anger! I would probably tell the parents how important diversity in the classroom is, and explain that having special education students in the classroom will not harm their children in anyway. I would also tell them that if these children did start to harm their children, I would reconsider the placement of the special needs child in my classroom. I don’t have the slightest problem with including special need children in my classroom as long as they don’t take away from the learning ability of the other students. In most cases this wouldn’t be an issue! I don’t think that it is a huge issue in Jason’s case either. I realize that many of the parents today weren’t brought up to accept people with differences, that is why it is so important that we have inclusion in our school systems and promote diversity to the parents of the next generation.

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