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Essay Paper on Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Personality

Freud’s model of personality allows us to understand the mechanisms of development of anxiety and defense mechanisms which help people to cope with the anxiety. For instance, reaction formation is one of the neurotic defense mechanisms. It reduces anxiety through formation of feelings or behaviors opposite to dangerous. An example can be the falsely positive attitude to someone a person strongly dislikes. Projection is mostly adolescent reaction, but can be present in adults, too. It consists in attributing our own unacceptable feelings or behaviors to someone else. For example, if a person does not like another individual the former may think that the latter dislikes the former. This projection is often unacknowledged. Denial is one of the psychotic defenses; it is common for the state of over psychosis. People, who cannot face the reality and accept truth, deny it. The example can be the denial of the addiction by alcoholics or drug addicts.

Dementia is considered to be a loss of brain function. The reason for it may consist in certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s or lots of small strokes (among other causes there are alcohol addiction, brain tumors, metabolic causes and low levels of vitamin B as well as infections). It is known that dementia is a progressive and degenerative disease, impossible to be cured. But there is a chance to slow down its development. The symptoms can be various and easy to define: changed perception and sleep patterns, decrease in skills responsible for problem solving, agnosia, memory problems, poor language ability, and problems with motor system. If the symptoms have been detected, dementia can be controlled with the help of caregivers and professionals.

The structure of Personality according to Freud consists of Id (energy eager to satisfy basic desires), Ego (supposed to suffice Id in realistic manner), and Superego (which is voice of conscience telling us about how we are supposed to behave)…

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