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Essay Paper on Philosophical Argument: Dream Argument

Philosophy is a great science which allows people speculate everything that happens around them and analyze all these things, situations and other people’s behavior and understand the world around. Or is it a science at all? Maybe it is the way of thinking? There exist many of them and different people contemplate and interpret the world as well as abstract things in their own way. There can be a lot of opinions concerning one and the same thing. This paper is intended to consider such philosophical category as a dream argument.

Dream argument is a category of philosophy which tries to understand or study such act as dreaming and prove that while dreaming people should not trust their senses to the fullest degree because while dreaming it is really difficult to distinguish between reality and illusion. Therefore it is believed that our senses can get people in wrong and thus everything perceived through senses is to be considered carefully and to be tested whether it is reality or just a dream.

Such philosophers as Descartes and Zhuangzi always believed that dreaming had to be thought over first and then the conclusion had to be made whether it was a dream or reality. For instance, while dreaming we can see ourselves in a very realistic situation – and we start to believe that this is not a dream, our senses tell us that everything around – the world, people in it, situations and conversations are real because our mind reproduces or simulates all these experiences. But then suddenly we wake up and realize that it was nothing but a non-lucid dream – a very realistic one, similar to reality. Then such thoughts come to our mind – as dreams can be so real that it difficult to distinguish whether they are real or just the figment of our imagination – what if all our life is a dream and we can wake up in a little while. We can dream about being butterflies or presidents and these dreams can be vivid enough to make us believe they are true. And consequently, when we wake up we start considering what if our present state of being wide-awake is real or whether it is a dream again. What if all people do not live at all but they sleep and see dreams about going to work and having their families, socializing and loving, experiencing all the feelings they possess? What if our life is an endless cycle of dreaming and every time we wake up and believe that the dream is over is the beginning of another dream in this endless cycle? No one can prove that fact as well as no one can contradict it…

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