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Essay Paper on Hip hop

by Marlene Mirth  

Talking about music always leads to debates and arguing. Different generations tend to criticize that kind of music, to which they are not used. In terms of one generation the same disputes might appear. In the modern world society is especially aware of hip hop. Admirers say it is art, opponents, on the other hand, name it poison. The aim of the work is to look into this question.

CNN has recently put the question to millions people across theUSA. People were asked whether hip hop is art or poison according their point of view. Surprisingly, about 51 per cent of the audience answered that hip hop is a poison. CNN showed programs devoted to negatives of hip hop. At the same time PBS aired talking concerning violence, sexism and stereotypes raised in hip hop music.

Some people consider hip hop to be as insidious art form, some kind of trendy phenomenon, which attracts attention of many people not only inUSA, but all around the world. There are different points of view on this type of music. And deciding, who to call it- art or something that poisons and ruins our society is a personal question.

If we speak about origins of hip hop and reasons which made it possible to appear, first of all we should mention that hip hop gave chance various individuals to come from poverty, to survive, to become really rich. It also helped to achieve all these goals by legal ways, which is very important. We can say that in some way hip hop changed people. Those of them, who could definitely end up their lives in jail, became famous figures in the world of entertainment. Now these people help others to struggle and survive in cruel world. That’s probably all that concerns positive side, positive influence of hip hop.

There is as well another side of so called trendy phenomena and unfortunately it’s far away from being good.

It is well known that hip hop portrays women as sex objects, in their songs we might quite often hear about violence, stereotypes and homophobia. It is still a question, why rappers use all these words in their songs. Perhaps they do it unconsciously, just because these words rhyme together. Then we can make conclusion that they don’t think about their audience. The majority of people who listen to such kind of music are little boys. They do take all the words in songs close to heart, think about ideas, which appeared in texts.

Question about hip hop is indeed provocative. To understand it people should go in depth of it. It is a controversial form of expression, which gains popularity in more and more countries. Hip hop began its way as musical trend, but today this word means style of life, multibillion-dollar industry. With its hard beat, lyrics and attitudes it gave voice to people who didn’t have it and who never sang before. InUSAit started in 80’s. Hip hop’s influence on music industry after this cannot be denied. If at first people where shocked, when listening to it, nowadays we see that the situation is changing and hip hop singers are winning Grammys and other music awards. There is an opinion that not all ip hop music is bad, as it is popular. Hip hop’s fans claim that it is bad rap, which ruins the reputation of hip hop. People say controversial things about this question. Hip hop is considered to be violent and materialistic by the majority of people. The rest tend to think that it reflects all truth of our world.

Whether to listen to this music or not is a personal question for everybody. I tend to think that hip hop is more like industry or business, rather then art expression and music itself. Easy answer cannot be found to such controversial question, it is painful, but discussing it and giving your opinions is good medicine.

Somebody said that if you listen to music, which you cannot listen together with your mother, you shouldn’t listen to it. I some way this statement reflects the situation and the debates around it.

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