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Essay Paper on Music is a Gift

Music is a gift. Not a gift to be boxed packaged and sold at a price, but a gift that should be shared and appreciated by all. Music is supposed to mean something. It is supposed to touch people. With the drastic rise in the music industry, starting in the early twenties, music has been turning into something that it shouldn’t be. With money being such an important issue in society today, the focus of what music is and the integrity of the artist should not be compromised.

People have lost that musical vibe that once fed the hopes and dreams throughout the sixties and seventies. Ever since groups like the Monkees, music hit a point of no return. Ever since then it has been falling down hill and, my friend, I think were just about ground level.

The music industry today is full of money-hungry producers looking for that next big product. It makes me sick to think of what future generations will think of the music today. Marina Lobanova stats “today the old art has died and the new has not yet been born; and objects have died too. We have lost our feeling for the world; we are like a violinist who can no longer feel the bow or the strings“. This describes that the direction of music, and art in general, has decreased in value to people today.

When you look at all the popular bands these days; you start to see a pattern. The bands that are famous today are bands that the industry says we should like. They are bands that the industry has created to make money. They aren’t just people looking to make good music. They are people made by people to make money.

Look at Milli Vanilli for example. They were two good-looking guys that were used to make money. Jay Cocks explains “Pilatus and Fab Morvan, were in fact techno-puppets, fronts for a studio-manufactured sound that sold 10 million copies of the album Girl You Know it’s True, on which they never sang”. The whole Milli Vanilli scandal was looked upon as such a bad thing and it pretty much ruined these two guys’ lives while the record companies sat back, counted their money and kept a look out for the next victim. In my opinion I don’t find anything difference between Milli Vanilli and N’Sync, or any product band for that matter. They both were used mainly for their look and not their talent. Where is the music in this? Neither groups write or wrote their own songs. The only difference is that N’Sync really sings the songs. But if you give Milli Vanilli some singing lessons it is basically the same thing. It’s just that they decided to work with N’Sync first to avoid the problems that Milli Vanilli faced. There have always been product bands. Ever sense The Monkees, as I mentioned earlier.

David P Szatmany describes “Two American producers took advantage of the mersey beat craze by creating The Monkees, a prefabricated version of the Beatles. Though prefabricated, the look and sound of The Monkees started to sell. So the idea to make music just make money has now come into play with the creation of The Monkees. So you can see that product bands have been around for a while but the difference between now and then is that they seem to be taking over the entire scene…

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