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Essay Paper on Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is thе practicе of еating foods primarily from thе plant kingdom. Historically, many culturеs havе abstainеd from еating mеat. “Vegetarianism has еxistеd sеnsе sixth cеntury B.C.”. You might think thе word vеgеtarian, would comе from thе word vеgеtablе, but instеad, it comеs from thе, “Latin word vеgеtarе, mеaning, “to еnlivеn”.

There are numerous reasons people make a change for a vegetarian life. Enomical factors can sometimes play a part in the choice. And there are some who say, ” But for the sake of some little mouthfuls of flesh, we will not deprive a soul of sun and light, and of the life it was born to enjoy”. “Most recently, people have adopted vegetarian diets based on scientific studies that diets high in fatty animal foods development of disease including obesity, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and colorectal cancer”.

Us. Surgeon general 1988 report on nutrition and health urged Americans to reduce their intakes of animal fat found in meat and dairy products and increase fruits and vegetables. This confirms Vegetarianism is not a bad thing, but it does require some creativity, and real effort. A vegetarian diet does not necessarily ensure a healthy diet, but it can “lower your weight, raise your consciousness, save the rain forest, give you energy, sane you money, make a cow happy, help your great-grandchildren, challenge the status quo, change the world and make you fart. Vegetarianism is amazing”.

Vegetarians gained worldwide strength in 1908 when the International Vegetarian Union was founded.” Popularity of Vegetarianism in America has ebbed and flowed. It flourished from the mid- nineteenth century to the early part of the 20th century”. Americans became aware of the health and longevity benefits of Vegetarianism. Vegetarian restaurants opened and vegarian society started. ” A big influence on modern vegetarism, was the birth of OP, the animal rights movement in the late 1970’s”. Then in,”1980 the (PETA) people for the ethical treatment of animals”. “The movement exposed the public incredibly inhumane methods used in animal agricultural. Vegetarians began to protest the ignorance of anyone unenlightened enough to still eat meat”.

The healthiest vegetarians allow some dairy and regular fish into their diets, which is good considering tuna, contains 80% of energy as protein. If milk isn’t an option, no need to worry. It’s actually a good thing because, “diary milk has fat, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, and traces of contamination”. The nutrients found in milk can be found in healthier sources. Vitamin D, which is found in milk, can be absorbed from the sun, and some green vegetables and nuts contain calcium. “Calcium is the most difficult to consume enough of, and a multivitamin still will not provide enough”

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