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Sample Paper on Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs Effects

by Regina Clark

Effects on Unborn Children

The following is a list of some of the effects on an unborn child:
Developmental deficiencies
Congenital defects
Diseases of vital organs
Can suffer mental retardation, mongolism or other mental deficiencies

Effects on Children

The following are some of the effects on small children

If the mother drinks alcohol the child becomes nervous, agitated and insecure.
If she smokes, then the child is a second hand smoker and can develop respiratory problems along with heart diseases, stunted growth and other horrible things.
If the mother uses other types of drugs, the child can also become a drug addict himself, or become a criminal just by seeing and living whatever goes on in his household, including domestic violence.

Why do teens start?

Alcohol, because they might see alcoholism at home, they may have many relatives who abuse alcohol and also because of peer pressure. That is one of the most important reasons; other teens induce others to do things that are wrong just for fun.
Tobacco, peer pressure is one of the main reasons, but also because they might see it in the family and also because they think that they “look cool” with a cigarette dangling from their lips.
Drugs, they start using drugs because their friends offer the drugs to them and when they have problems they think that using drugs will make them forget and also when they have a low level of self-esteem and they believe that their parents do not love them and sometimes they start doing it just out of curiosity.

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