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Essay Paper on Gap Between Expectations and Actual Performance

Nowadays service marketing faces a lot of problems, among them there are so-called “gaps” which can be divided into the following groups:

  1. gap between customers’ expectations and organization’s understanding of customers’ needs
  2. gap between customers’ expectations and actual performance of company
  3. gap between organization’s understanding of standards and the quality of service
  4. gap between actual service to be delivered and the nature of service provided
  5. gap between all customers’ expectations and general performance of guaranteed services

A consumer’s satisfaction is the most important issue for marketers and producers, since in fact they all work for to satisfy the needs of certain mass of people. There are three dimensions of customer’s satisfaction:

  1. customer gets complete satisfaction when his expectations correspond to the expected performance;
  2. customer gets high level of satisfaction when the performance of services is much higher than his expectations;
  3. customer gets low satisfaction when the expectations are higher than the level of performance.

As the studies show, the differences in expectations are observed in distinct age categories: younger respondents tend to be more exigent and do not tolerate bad services. There is also a difference according to the social position of respondents: those, who represent well-to-do class and people from high socio-economic groups, have more expectations regarding services provided, and in case their expectations are not met with correspondent performance, they are those who won’t keep silence. We can make certain conclusions: the younger and the wealthier the respondent is, the higher are his expectations and the sharper the reaction to bad services provided.

Being the customer myself, participating in different customer-manufacturer relations every day, facing problems that are common for all customer in this world, I can say that with the high level of development of our society, technologies, service branch etc. there are still some problems that from time to time happen to many of us and that do not allow us to forget about being careful and attentive to details and pray for better performance every day.

I guess it happened to everyone that a strong power of advertisement brought us to some place (shop, café, restaurant, store, company etc.) in search of new experience, better services or new products. The same happened to me the day I saw an advertisement of a newly opened hotel network (I won’t mention the real name of this hotel not to be accused in calumny, let’s say it was a “Brightdance Plaza Hotel”). The advertisement attracted with beautifully designed interior of rooms and comparatively low price, so I decided to use their services during the next trip…

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