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Essay Paper on Consumer Rights and Cultural Changes

by Mathew Abervield  

The article chosen comes from the economist and it talks about the issue of advertising. It touches more on the issue of using ethnicity in advertisements in which case it highlights the advantages and disadvantages of ethnic advertisements. The article takes the reader through a history of television advertisements which used to appear in the middle of television series. The main issue here is how to appeal both to the white and black races of the society. The economist (2010) invokes the idea that many people take ethnicity as a serious issue when it comes to sales and advertisements. The idea is that ethnicity tends to use the “segmented approach” and in this case, the argument is that to do so a company must cut across the divide and advertise in all ethnic backgrounds so as to be fair. This calls for a large organization which can cover all these costs.

The consumers have their rights to information  and as Moschis and Moore (1985) indicate, there seems to be an issue with the way different cultures perceive the information passed on from the advertising agencies. Culture also plays a big role in this issue whereby many marketers view cultural changes as the biggest edge towards making sales (Clausen, Ko, & Rinehart 2008 p. 56). This can be illustrated in the above article which identifies different companies and how they utilize different cultures to advertise. The use of different languages and cultures to advertise however, may be beneficial to the consumer as part of their decision making process (Hoyer & macinnis2009, p 162). They suggest that the way in which the message is communicated to the consumer will be interpreted according to the “source, message and the context” (162) these factors assist the consumer to make wise decisions on purchases..

The course is basically about consumer rights and how culture influences them, thus it can be deduced that as part of the social world it is wise to have a social culture whereby a mix of races in advertisements and marketing strategies are used. The organization must recognize that consumers behave differently and their rights to access information must be protected from being infringed upon (Yakup, Mьcahit & Reyhan, 2011).  It is evident that by protecting the consumers a lot has to be done to ensure that cultural factors do not affect the marketers in a large proportion. Therefore, the marketers must utilize all the resources necessary for the advertisement while at the same time keeping away from culturally irritating adverts.

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