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Essay Paper on What Drives Organizational Change

by Amy Gill 


An Organization takes full effort in trying to secure its capability of being able to continuously operate with smooth procedural paradigm and high quality outputs to which is very favorable to the needs and a wants of the consumer in order for the organization to acquire more revenue and sales. If circumstances do not meet the expectations of the organization such lack would be a disturbance to the operations to which organizational changes may be considered a solution to take effect of a more ideal manner of reaching the desired result. And this organizational change would acquire loads of effort which can be very laborious, emotional and circuitous.

Organizational change may take some delays as the changes could be attained within months, some organizational changes would even materialize within a year or so. (Akin, Dunford & Palmer, 2006)   The important thing is for the organization to accept change as an avenue for growth to which it would not only benefit the organization but also benefit the employees as well. And the manner how the employees treat their clients and customers would be a projection of how the employees feel about the organization.

This paper will discuss the importance of Organizational Change and how such changes in the organization are affected by catalyst to which such adjustments should meet the new targeted goal of the organization.

Organizational Changes

There had been rapid changes in every organization due to the issues on globalization wherein there are increased in markets to which opportunities multiplied thus creating a stiff environment wherein competition is neck to neck in order to showcase which quality is better and more affordable to meet the standard and lifestyle of its customers. Adding to the fact that increased diverse markets have a wide variety of expectations to be understood to transform them into strong clients and as loyal collaborators. And with the changes wherein money matters, there has been a continuous assessment of the operations of the organization and the strict scrutiny of personnel. The ability of the organization to manage change is very important (Schabracq, 2007).

The only reason that an organization changes is that it needs to improve its performance. Organizational change is equivalent to gaining success. This is through different strategies.  The organization should be able to detect which major section in its organizational practices or operations is needed to be changed to whether the existing practice is to be enhanced or it should be removed as to formulate better ways of reaching the desired organizational success. It is natural in a manager’s duty to accomplish any significant changes. And yet organizational changes may be a result of some catalyst to which the organization could react accordingly for optimum satisfaction.

Catalyst of Organizational Change

There are many catalysts to which Organizational Change may occur depending upon the need of the organization to which it could address also the need of its employees as well. Seemingly relevant would be the objective of the organization to which the organizational change has been initiated. There are three catalyst of Organizational Change which gives great impact to the performance of the organization as it may break or make the company if not properly projected to its proper path.

One very common example would be the Drop in Sales. This circumstance occurs when there has been an unaccepted fall of demand to the product or services to which the customers and clients to not find the need to purchase such output creating a disturbance of the expected sales and revenues which may place the organization into bankcruptcy due to the minimal return of money. A true to life example would be my experience with Ebay. It was in 2000 when E-commerce became a global hit allowing foreign sellers to actually feature their products and place the respective amount of the products. This was easier for the busy workers to even go to the grocery and purchase their goods. With the grab of opportunity, Ebay was able to establish a shopping website allowing  individuals to surf their website, order by request the item, pay the item either by cash or credit wherein after full transaction, allow the ordered personnel to deliver the goods and transaction is completed. Unfortunately, in 2008, Ebay has a drop in sales. The onset of recession allowed the people to fully scrutinize their budget and prioritized products which will be very useful for them. Somehow, that time, Ebay sales dropped very significantly. (Akin, Dunford & Palmer, 2006)   (Schabracq, 2007). I had trouble accessing my file and getting my orders as there are just few people who were able to order. Fortunately, everyone who was in Ebay also felt the same sentiment. It is possible that the Ebay Company have to change how it proposes its sales and categories in order to create a more interesting system for the people to use. And another factor for the Drop of sales would be the increasing websites to which the client could directly buy from their own makers and providers.

Another catalyst would be the death of a chief executive officer. The work of a chief executive officer is more so a person who has the authority to run the organization, he was the brain behind the current status of the organization. (Akin, Dunford & Palmer, 2006)   Once the chief executive officer dies, there will be a great difficulty for the next chief executive officer because all the responsibility of the late officer will be given the new appointed officer. Such pressure from expectations of the environment coupled with the different approaches of the new chief executive officer may actually change the operational paradigm of the organization resulting to organizational changes.

The third catalyst would be the merger or acquisition which will not harm the company but to make it wider in scope.  When a company is dropping on sales, the bank are able to formulate how an established organization may be of service to the smaller organization. The idea of any merger or acquisition is to strengthen both companies as they will soon be recognized as one entity. A very good example was Kmart who bought Sears, Roebuck & Co last 2004 for $11 billion USD in order for the two to merge as to finally be competitive against Wal-Mart and cope up with the changes in American buying culture.


Change and Growth are important in any organization in order for it to survive. At times changes are seen negative though it was initiated to give more light to its positive causes.  The changes are actually done by catalyst to which the employee and organization find ways and means to gain more revenue.  Organizational change becomes real when there is awareness of the need for change. (Akin, Dunford & Palmer, 2006)  Some organizations spend dollars in Research and Development to which the organization tries to collect information and data that may assist the organizational change. Nonetheless after realizing the problem, it is better to have analysis of all the pertinent data before implementing the organizational change.

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