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‘Key Drivers’ for Organizational Change

If an organization needs change, a good manager is supposed to feel it. If one does not feel the state of the company however, this does not mean that one is not a good and skilled manager. There is just the need to pay more attention to the factors and drivers which happen within or outside of the company and make the need for change evident and necessary.
When I speak about my own company where I have operated when changes in it happened certain key drivers for the change occur to me and I understand that were I a manager in the entire firm, not the certain department I would behave in the way described hereinafter. But anyway, I could and did what was expected from me within my own research department accountable to me. I consider myself to be such a manager who is rather a coach and sometimes an interpreter but by no means a director. Thus the chosen key drivers for the change will depend on this role of mine.

As a manager I could use diagnosis by image to define where there is the need for the change. Before acquisition and change our corporation Reservoir Laboratories AS resembled me a koala or a tame cat. The reason for this association consists in the following. The staff never felt the need for any change and as researchers and people of science they seldom cared for payments and completing their job on time. The staff preferred to study what interests them and to complete the orders when they would like to. Lack of need or desire to live in the same speed the world around lives and develops was unacceptable for it could make our ‘lazy’ firm flee in a world of vibrant competition. Of course, internal work with the staff and succeeding changes within the company made it resemble more a well-oiled machine, but this happened after the change.

And it is necessary for me to define the five ‘key drivers’ which made the change necessary within our firm. First of them can be considered the organization’s history. Our company was launched in 1989 and it preferred to adhere to certain policies developed in those years. What was necessary was to update the strategies according to present day’s situation in the market. That is why integration team was created in 2006 which started to consider international practices. The second driver is our staff, and this consists of two issues – people practices and informal organization. We needed to make informal organization work for us and in co-operation. The third driver can be considered the need for alignment of structure and strategy as a result of structural changes which were caused by the fourth drive – the acquisition of our company by Weatherford International Ltd. And finally, the fifth of the drivers is the appearance of the new task of dealing with new markets after our acquisition r rather with our new client base which we obtained after the acquisition.

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