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Integration Paper

This week’s topic dealt with a term of vision and modeling the vision statements. In fact, I think we all are familiar with the notion of vision, but we rarely concentrated our attention on it in everyday life, perhaps because we worked in stable companies with a clear and long-established vision, perhaps because we just didn’t face it in our careers. However, it’s surprising how a right vision statement can help the company in finding its path among several possible. But we also studied the examples when a wrongly formulated vision statement led to misunderstandings and resulted in company’s disability to operate within defined boundaries.
As it turns out, the vision is extremely helpful in change management. Change is more likely to happen when the outcome of the change is clearly understood, articulated and shared in both aspirational and behavioral terms. Aspirations energize and excite those affected by the proposed initiative’s outcome, and definitions of behaviors communicate expected actions. Both become parts of a successful vision statement.

Specialists underline that defining the vision is an activity of a high priority for those who work in change management team or for the management of the company. A lot of examples prove the importance of the clear vision statement. For instance, the example of the IBM Corporation, whose CEO was skeptical about the vision of company, but under the pressure of circumstances later agreed on the need for a clear vision, proves that it facilitates a lot the work of company’s employees and attracts customers.

There have been elaborated a lot of concepts of vision. They all have a different approach and define distinct basic criteria which should be followed when drawing up a decent vision. For example, the characteristics that a good vision must have, according to the framework by Jick, are as follows: clear and concise, memorable, exciting and inspiring, challenging, centered on excellence, both stable and flexible, achievable and tangible.

The first task of this week was rather challenging but very interesting at the same time, as it made me find and read a lot of information pertaining to the visions of different companies. As it turned out, every decent company had its particular vision which either followed a standard scheme or had a very bright and catchy formulation which appealed to both employees and customers. Under the standard scheme of vision statement I understand a definition of vision which usually consists of a couple of sentences, such as “We aim to reach”, “Our aim is to serve…”, “We believe…”, “We want to be the best in this sector (sphere, activity etc.)”, “We want to reach a certain number of returning clients” and so on…

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