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Essay paper on Global Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic and reasoned move toward the management of any stable organization that values resources and people, even if they are working individually or together to add to the achievement and productively of the objectives of the business. The expression “Human Resource Management” and “Human Resources” (HR) have mainly take their root from the expression “personnel management” that was used in the past to give description to the processes concerned with managing people in the organizations.

The human resource management is developing quickly in the last several years. Thus, human resource management has been considered as an academic theory and a business practice that refers to the theoretical and practical technique of how the workforce can be managed. Moreover, the HRM term includes the following activities: identifying the firm’s human resource strategy, staffing, performance evaluation, management development, compensation, and labor relations. On the other hand, the main strategic role of the human resource management is to obtain success in the international business that requires HRM policies be matching with the firm’s strategy.

Staffing Policy and Types

According to Legge, staffing policy is concerned with how to select the employees who obtain the skills requisite to perform an exact job. Moreover, the staffing policy includes main three types: ethnocentric, polycentric, and geocentric. The ethnocentric mind-set is defined as the principle that the values, practices, and manners of the home country are essentially greater than those in other nations with different culture and civilization. The advantages of the ethnocentric mind-set include that it aids the company in transferring its exclusive competitive skills abroad. In addition to that, the personality guided by an ethnocentric mind-set frequently endures less tension in making sense of unfamiliar situations, because they do not lead a person to question before held values. The advantage of international business is contact to diverse, possibly better, ways of doing things. Unwillingness to consider this possibility can deadly ruin the competitive border of an individual or firm.

The second type in the staffing policy is the polycentric mind-set. A polycentric viewpoint accepts the significance of getting used to difference, weather it is real or imaginary, among the home country and host country. Moreover, the polycentric manager champions the methods of foreign markets, just as progressive as the practices of the mother company in the home nation. The advantages of polycentrism presume that polycentrism is often characterized by the use of local managers instead of expatriates. This can aid in terms of both reducing costs and capitalizing on local expertise. On the contrary, disadvantages of polycentrism include that the temptation to champion the ways of a foreign nation can lead managers to abandoning their home-country mind-set in favor of the host country. Thus, it can be difficult to implement skills in competencies in foreign affiliates from the home office. This could reduce the company’s competitive advantage.

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