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Essay Paper on Environmental Management in Tourism Sphere

The environment is the main business product in tourism. As hotels occupy a central place in the tourism and its development influences significantly upon the environment it is considered that hotels should pay more attention to their environmental performance.

A BAT Leisure research Institute study claimed that seven of ten criteria for a quality holiday related to the environment and also demonstrates the interplay between ecological criteria (including environmental situation, landscape and seawater quality) and customer satisfaction.

According to the Ipsos-RSL study, 45% of British overseas tourists stated they were more likely to book a holiday with a company with a written guarantee for good working conditions, environmental protection and support for local charities in the destination area. Also 21% of tourists stated that they were ready to pay 5% more for holiday if they were presented with such guarantee.

According to Sampson and Dunn (2000) service sector businesses (hotels, resorts and restaurants) have at least four characteristics that have environmental impacts:

  1. time-perishable capacity means that if restaurant cover is not sold in the midday today it will never be sold when it was available in the midday today. This influences wasted resources such energy to heat an empty guest room or light an empty area in a restaurant;
  2. heterogeneity means that each customer needs to be treated individually during service provision what may cause for instance complexity of production in the kitchen while “standardization can lead to efficiency and greater throughput”.
  3. labor intensity means a necessity in an industry where only limited automation can occur. There is the significant implication that labor itself can persuade management to become more environmentally friendly – at the very least because of occupational safety and health concerns.
  4. involvement of customers in the production process, for example the buffet where customers serve themselves. Unlike the production of bicycles where customer participates in the production process and in tourism the client “visits the site of production rather than the good being transported to the user”. A good example is those cards that allow you to indicate whether you need fresh sheets each day. Guests may influence the environmental performance by setting priorities as well as participating actively in the program itself.

There are many other examples effectively used by hotels to protect environment and reduce its costs such as: using sustainable and recycled materials, using solar and wind power, building own hydroelectric system to generate all own power what makes it completely “off the grid” and biological plants, offering vegetarian menu, buying local food and etc.

Implementing environmentally sustainable management we do not only take care about the nature by involving politics (networking), programs (projects), and resources (i.e. money, facilities, etc) but also giving the chance for further generations to use the same vitally needed natural resources for human being…

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