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Essay Paper on “The Cuban Swimmer”

Drama plays are usually evaluated on the basis of their applicability to the real life. It means that if you watch the play and it makes you feel something deep like you would feel in you real life, than this work of art is worth something. Elaborate viewers do not miss any significant thing, which makes the author work even harder trying to satisfy its audience. The latter is the case of Milcha Sanchez-Scott, who put, it seems, much effort to make the play “The Cuban Swimmer” vital, exciting and provoking compassion, sympathy and mere interest in those who read it. Its significance lies in its close interconnectedness with realities of life no matter how hard it is.

The peculiarity of the play is that it takes place only in one scene. The main heroes are Suarez family, who are cheering on Margarita – the swimmer. Her parents Eduardo and his wife Aida fled Cuba to come to America in search of their own American dream. Together they have two children, Simon and Margarita. Suarez family is very close and friendly. They adore each other and their family values are in the first place. It is worthy to say, that Milcha Sanchez-Scott uses her own personal background in the play. Her destiny was similar to most immigrant families.

Thus, Margarita — a Hispanic-American swimmer, races from San Pedro to Catalina Island. Her family – the mentioned Suarez – follows her on a boat. All the events are evolving around this race and Margarita in particular. In fact, Margarita has to deal with hardships like an oil slick, hallucinations, and her father’s pride and dream. However, the heroine overcomes all the obstacles, because she swims not so much for herself, as for her own family. She clearly realizes that her victory will be a great reward and great pride for Suarez. This thought encourages her and gives her substantial strengths to keep going. She has physical ability given her by nature and her ethnic roots as well. Thus, her primary task is to take advantage of this ability and become the winner. This would be the greatest victory of her life. So, margarita realizes that she has no right to put her hands down. She has to fight and keep swimming.

The somewhat tragic moment of the play, the essence that we have to read between the lines is that Margarita desires to win not solely to gain self-confidence and pride. She desires to prove that she and her family, Hispanic-Americans, are worth something as well. That they are as good as the rest of the population of the USA is. Thus, the problem of racial tensions gains serious importance in this play.

Yet, this problem is not new. Racial discrimination has remained a primary issue in the numerous works of art. By implying on racial disparities, authors attempt to show the imperfection of modern society with its prejudices and sever judgments. Thus, Margarita wants to assure in this life. She wants to gain respect for her and her family. The swimmer desires to become confident in her future. It can be only achieved through respect and equal treatment on behalf of the rest of the society. It is not a secret, that it is possible to fulfill all your plans only when nobody tries to prevent you from doing this, when nobody points at you and regards you not like others. Achievements in swimming is the only way for Margarita to accomplishment the task of self-assurance and society acceptance for her and for her family. Thus, she does everything, possible and impossible, to be the best in the race.

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