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Essay Paper on Law Project: “Oprah’s No Cattle” Restaurant

This paper is devoted to the introduction of one of the attractions for the Jurispudeneer Constitution Land intellectual amusement park – “Oprah’s No Cattle” restaurant. This place is going to be devoted to the case connected with Oprah and her show where Mr. Lyman (former cattle rancher and now President, Voice for a Viable Future) was invited to appear on Oprah to discuss Mad Cow disease, food production, and the rendering process. As a result of the show and Mr. Lyman’s declaration beef futures fell the following day after the show was aired. And under the influence of this lawsuit our restaurant is going to advocate vegetarian lifestyle and animal protection offering its visitors delicious vegetarian dishes.

One of the attractions in our Jurispudeneer ConstitutionLand intellectual amusement park is going to be a restaurant called “Oprah’s No Cattle”. The development of this restaurant was inspired by the case of Texas Cattlemen vs. Howard Lyman and Oprah Winfrey. The core of the case consisted in the statement of Mr. Lyman concerning potential health risks from e-coli and mad cow disease and the ways cows are being fed. He pronounced this statement at Oprah’s show and eventually Texas cattlemen suited them both for the reason of the falling of beef futures as a result of the show. For this reason, as connected to the abovementioned case, our original restaurant is going to suggest to its customers completely vegetarian cuisine – no beef, pork, mutton or even chicken. There will be only salads, vegetable ragouts, vegetable cutlets, and fruit juices and fruit desserts without cream topping or ice-cream a la carte.

The design of the restaurant is going to be done in greens and blues, and the salle will be decorated with plants and flowers. There are supposed to be pictures and photographs of nature and animals in the open country such as cows enjoying fresh grass.

Outside of the restaurant there will be a barn where the cow lives – it is going to be the mascot of the place and its name will be Miss Life-Loving. Children and adults will have the possibility to take pictures of the cow or have their photos taken with it at a moderate charge. The money collected will go for wildlife protection and vegetarian lifestyle promotion.

There will be a hostess at the restaurant – made-up to look like Oprah – she will welcome the customers and show them in to the sale.

This restaurant will be the unforgettable experience and a good place to have a snack in our amusement park not only for vegetarians but for “beefeaters” as well…

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