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Essay Paper on Causes of the Civil War

There were many causes of the Civil war. When you trim it down there are three main reasons for the civil war. They were sectionalism, unbalanced power, and last but not least Lincoln. Lincoln’s was the final insult the southerners would take. The formation of the Confederate States of America. The southern states did not feel or act like part of the Union. They were very behind in technology. Most of the population of the country was in the north; therefore the south had less power politically. Almost all of the southerners hated or disliked Lincoln.

The southerners believed that they should have their own section ever since the slavery and industrial growth period. Although the southerners was not loyal, productive, and giving to the entire Union. It was very productive in some means to itself. The south heavily supported and enforced state rights. The entire Union’s laws and rights were mostly ignored by the south. The south believed that the north was exploiting them. The south bought most household equipment from the north. This gave the north most of the money from the south. The north hardly ever bought any trade from the south besides the occasional cotton and tobacco. The south blamed their loss of cycle of the money on the north, instead of themselves. The logical solution was to have the south build more industrial factories. The north’s industry was rapidly climbing and growing at practically ten fold each day. The south however did not grow at all; it basically stayed at the same level for years. The geographical position and climate determined that the north would be most be profitable from industrial businesses. The south’s climate and position made it most profitable from agriculture, especially cotton and tobacco…

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