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The History of Black & Decker

Black & Decker is one of the well-known and respective manufacturers of Power Tools, accessories, hardware, and home improvement products. The products of Black & Decker are popular in more than 100 countries, particularly in the United Kingdom, USA and Europe. It has 38 plants in the United States and other countries, like Italy, Japan, Mexico, China, the Czech Republic etc.The company has a long history. It was founded in early 1910-ies by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker, industrial tool designers and engineers, who have opened their first shop in industrial district of Baltimore at those times. They have invested $1,200 in it. Black & Decker has grown very quickly, investing money in factories in overseas and located in the United Kingdom and Europe. In the beginning of 1990-ies the company introduced some brands, which are still very popular, such as DeWalt, which yellow and black design is well-known on most worldwide building sites.

The experts think the company to be one of the leaders of the products in three segments, such as Power Tools and Accessories, Fastening and Assembly Systems and Hardware and Home Improvement.
It can be said that Power Tools takes the major place in the manufacture of the company and is the most profitable segment. This segment includes portable power products, garden tools and electric tools and equipment.

Hardware and Home-improvement segment includes general hardware, security and decorative hardware, kitchen and bathroom accessories and replacement parts. Fastening and Assembly Systems present the wide range of fasteners and fastening systems. It is known under many popular brand names.

Environment of Black & Decker

Throughout the whole period of work, from its early beginning, the company has recommended itself as a good producer, the main aim of which is to implement innovations in its products, to pay great attention to the quality and design of products. The population of brands of Black & Decker and constant high quality of the products corresponding to the highest requirements, made the company famous and recognizable all over the world(Barrett, Amy, and Gail DeGeorge, 1998, p. 54).
The other important thing, the company pay great attention, is environment. The atmosphere in the company is friendly, there work professionals who are aimed on achievements of new results.

Black & Decker provides the employees with safe working conditions.
The policy of the company is focused on reduction of the influence on environment. To achieve this, the company puts into the first place health of employees and environmental protection, safety regulations and so on. The work in the company is made in accordance with all regulations and provisions of the legislation.

The products and packages are made in accordance with manufacturing technique, health and safety regulations. Black & Decker tries to reduce the influence on environment with the help of new implementations in manufacturing process, energy and resources saving and so on.

Market Saturation of Black & Decker

The company mostly is represented in the markets of North America and Europe and has approximately 40% market share in corresponding segment of these markets. In 2002-2005 the growth of the company has slowed because of the maturity of its markets. That is why there was made a decision to enter on other markets which are growing now, such as markets of Latin America and Asia.

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